Six reasons you need to install real-time GPS tracking

Having real-time GPS tracking is all about having useful information regarding your fleet readily available to you. Not just any data, but data that is timely and accurate. AVLView’s data is refreshed every 5-10 seconds providing each vehicle’s exact position. The display is an easy to use map with arrows showing the route that any chosen vehicle has taken. The screen is auto-refreshed so you can follow your vehicle’s movement hands free. You can also zoom to view a greater detailed map, including street address, along with the current status of your vehicle.

Here are six great reasons to choose Real-time GPS

Be in Charge of Your Fleet 

AVLView’s vehicle IN/OUT management solution resolves the problem of unauthorized vehicle usage, irregular driving patterns, and unplanned stops. Easily accessed historical data allows you to create optimized vehicle routes. When implemented together with trip schedule, it allows you to quickly identify possible unauthorized vehicle usage or route deviations.

Ensure Your Vehicles’ and Drivers’ Safety and Security

Real-time GPS makes possible the tracking of your entire fleet. You will know if the vehicle moves beyond boundaries you have defined by setting a geographical perimeter (fence) around the vehicle or work site. Notification alerts are sent to you by SMS, Email, Twitter, or all of these, for any vehicle abnormalities, such as mechanical warnings or failures, and irresponsible or careless driving techniques. Loss can be avoided if you act promptly and Real-time GPS allows for quick action.

Real Time Alert types:

  • Speeding Alert – Set a speed limit for your vehicle and receive immediate notifications whenever that speed is exceeded.
  • Green Driving Alert – Jackrabbit starts and harsh driving techniques run up your fuel costs.
  • Stoppage (Idle) Alert – Receive immediate notifications if your driver stops for longer than a specified time period.
  • Fencing Alerts -AVL View draws attention to possible fraud by sending alerts when a vehicle goes outside of work limits, deviates from assigned routes, or skips delivery points.
  • Trip Schedule Alert – No more late deliveries. You can now pre-schedule your trips and, if the vehicle violates scheduled times, you receive alerts via cell phone or email.
  • Safety and Security – Real-time GPS tracking lets you know where all your assets are at any time. AVLView also ensures their protection by offering anti-theft and safety measures.

Other Alerts

  • Periodic service alerts
  • Idling alert: for engine idling
  • AC alert: AC switched on/off
  • Alert on door open/close
  • Alert when temperature changes

With Real-time GPS you not only know where your vehicle is but also how it’s being driven. As fuel prices continue to climb, speeding or even idling for long periods will cost you money. Knowing the characteristics of how the vehicle is driven will allow you to reinforce green driving practices based on available data. Review those who indulge in speeding, harsh braking, and heavy acceleration risking driver and vehicle safety.

Know what your drivers are doing, or not doing, at all timesMonitor driver productivity and ensure there are no unauthorized side trips. With trip scheduling, you can route your drivers the most efficient way to delivery destinations.

Six reasons you should choose Real-time GPS tracking

Easy to Use – You are already familiar with most of what you need to know. You know your business, your fleet, your clients and your environment. AVLView and real-time GPS tracking allows to you manage it from one location.

Resource Management

Place all your business points on the map. AVLView helps manage your fleet by storing locations such as company offices, branches, client locations, depots, delivery-pickup points, Schools, and any manner of custom locations. It is important that you have a Real-time GPS system in place to deliver the right amount of goods and services, in the correct place, at the best time and price to meet market demand. This feature helps you with a detailed landmark history report with time stamps of each exit/entry point and identifying whether the stop was authorized or not. 

No false work claims

Real-time GPS tracking allows you to know if a fleet vehicle crosses the line of a pre-designated geo-zone. This makes deliveries more predictable by monitoring deliveries arrival times, departure times, and delivery service times.

Faster response times

You can supervise driver and vehicle performance by tracking them live and thus see they are on route and in the area where they should be. It can also help with street-level navigation. By connecting the on-board GPS tracking device via an Interface tool kit to a Garmin Personal Navigation Device (PND), your drivers will have a display to receive/send messages and have available all priority communication at their fingertips. Real-time GPS navigation also helps in job dispatch capabilities, resulting in quick delivery time, fast response, and increased productivity in the field through shorter routes on the road. Real-time GPS tracking can also warn of routes not to take that would cause delays.


AVLView is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform that supports the best-in-class GPS trackers available in the market, irrespective of vendors or manufacturers. It’s not all about location updates on a map. The system has powerful features that give you a comprehensive GPS tracking platform for a small monthly fee. There’s no software to install and no networking hassles. All these features cost less than 35 cents per vehicle, per day.
To learn more using real-time GPS tracking in the management of your fleet contact us.