Refrigerated truck shows inaccurate temperature

My refrigerated trucks are installed with temperature sensors and for one of my trucks, the displayed temperature is inaccurate or above the normal level.

The platform might have displayed inaccurate temperature for your refrigerated truck at times for many reasons. The type or make of the GPS tracker, how the GPS device and the temperature sensors are installed in the refrigerated truck, how the temperature sensors are placed inside etc. One should always be very thoughtful while installing or mounting a temperature sensor. A proper installation would always report accurate temperature reading.

Things to keep in mind while installing a temperature sensor in your refrigerated truck

  • Please make sure that there is no external heat or cooling source close to your sensor.
  • No other objects should be a hindrance for the sensor to generate the exact reading.
  • Do not cover the sensor with any other objects.

Analysing the temperature value displayed in the platform may help you determine the possible reason for incorrect reading.

Potential causes of inaccurate temperature

Ruptela device

Temperature value (°C) Possible reason
85 Indicates temperature sensor’s power is too low
200 Device does not detect any temperature sensor
200.1 Suspected Short circuit (ground or 5v) 
200.2 Noise issue in data line
200.3 No sensor found (data not found)
200.4 Temperature not in specified range

Teltonika device

Temperature value  Possible reason
300 Dallas error (interface error)