Measure what matters. Monitor and analyse fleet usage.

Ever wondered why fleet operating cost skyrocket? Are you are finding it difficult to control your expenses? It’s time to check if your fleets are managed and utilised correctly.

Fleet utilisation

Better fleet management begins with better measurement. Cutting through all the chaff to determine the most insightful fleet metrics can be quite a challenge.

But it is important to have the right set of metrics that can give fleet owners the critical feedback on whether fleet operational initiatives are achieving the desired objective.

  • Hours Plied;
  • Distance Travelled;
  • Utilized percentage;
  • Operating cost.
Utilization Metrics

Meaningful data and chart helps to provide an insight in to the vehicle utilization based on certain criterias.

Sensible, real-time information on your vehicles’ performance lets you make smart decisions for fleet automation in a swift manner.

  • Vehicle utilisation chart;
  • Compare ideal vs actual usage of your vehicles;
  • Analysis on distance travelled, hours plied and trips made;
  • Data that helps rein in operational costs;
  • Operational cost;
  • Loss (if any).
Driver Scorecard

Driver scorecard provides you a better understanding on the performance of drivers assigned to each vehicle and generate ratings for drivers based on the available data.

This enables you to analyse if drivers are using/utilising vehicles in the best possible manner and take necessary steps for improvement if required. Score card details on

  • Distance covered;
  • Duration;
  • Overspeeding;
  • Rash driving;
  • Ac Misuse.