Improvements to PoI Suggestions

AVLView ver #

Points of Interests #

Latest feature addition helps you set a color code for each PoI category as shown in the following image (eg: Bus Stop – Blue, School – Red, Parking space – Yellow etc).

MapView -> Manage POI/Zones -> Create -> Category

Suggested PoIs: stoppage points from vehicle history to be suggested as possible Points of Interests, you may choose or dismiss the suggestions; you may now add & assign the suggested PoI as a spot fence on the go.

These stoppage sites could be your warehouses, pickup/drop off points, delivery points, client sites or project sites.

System suggests stoppages made as PoI

Module navigation strip added to Full screen window #

Where modules (such as Dashboard, Mapview, Alerts etc) are shown with respective icons, so you may switch easily to any other module without minimizing to normal view.

Stacked up pop-ups: stack up alert notifications on screen, you can view up to 3 notifications at a time.

To enable stacked pop-up feature, go to:

Administration -> Basic Settings -> Pop-up Notification for Alerts -> Enable Stacked Pop-up

View alert notifications as stacked pop-up

Other Improvements #

  • Idling report to have a filter similar to stoppage report. Eg., if you specify ‘Greater than 5 minutes’, all idling instances with a duration of 5 (and above) minutes shall be listed on the report.
  • Language settings for receiving alert notifications re-defined; now can be accessed from user profile on top right hand side of AVLView screen.
  • Changes in Speed report:
  • Minor bug fixes & other improvements in school bus module.