About AVLView

AVLView is a fleet management solution that provides real-time tracking of vehicles on the map and in motion, monitors fuel usage, and cuts operational losses by half while simultaneously boosting productivity..

It gives you instant alerts about events that can help you improve your green driving habits, it automates your trip schedules and notifies you when maintenance is required on any vehicle.

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AVLView is more than just GPS tracking.

GPS tracking does little to aid fleet management, and the companies that sell this service often fail to deliver on their promises.

AVLView uses GPS tracking data to gather pertinent information about your fleet. Instead of just handing you that information, it creates an individualised optimisation plan based on the gathered data. It spits out reports detailing how much each vehicle uses its allocated resources like time, distance, or fuel.

GPS tracking can answer questions about your fleet’s activities on the road, but there needs to be a more immediate solution for handling challenges.

What Vehicle Owners and Fleet Managers Face…

Managing fleet is like herding cats; there are many challenges to overcome, and current tools aren’t that great. For instance, most vehicle tracking services focus solely onfinding vehicles on the map.

None of these tools addresses the many other fleet challenges, such as;

Gauge vehicle utilization to help right-size fleet;

Schedule Trips & Jobs;

Periodic maintenances going unnoticed;

Lack of control over fleet & drivers;

Ineffective anti-theft measures; 

Repeated clients’ calls asking whereabouts; 

Inability to properly analyse operational expenses; 

Inability to validate driver behaviour; 

The inability to bring all of the company’s fleet operations under one umbrella..

and many others…

How can fraudulent companies mislead fleet owners?

65% of our clients who have tracked their vehicles with other providers were dissatisfied.

We helped them all to move from chaos to control, and we did a survey that revealed the following startling revelations…

Lack of awareness

When fleet owners are shown more efficient, automated solutions to their challenges—with software at the core of it all—they’re often shocked by how powerful these solutions can be.
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Hidden/Bait & Switch pricing

Vendors find ways to get prospects into the sales pipeline and then sell them on a product at a low price—only to change support contracts in order to make up for their losses.

Cheap user experience

Cheesy and impractical platforms that do not address the pressing operational challenges of running a fleet.

Poor after sale support

The entire operation of the service is farmed out. The staff are poorly trained, rude, and rarely know much about products or customer service issues.
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Hit & Run (One-time sales) service: 

The types who woo fleet owners, make a sale & then disappear.

Why fleet owners trust AVLView?

Fleet automation, which includes GPS vehicle tracking, is offered at a low cost.

It is a suite of tools whose unique capabilities have been developed to address common challenges fleet managers face.

Software as a service (SaaS) on Amazon cloud withGoogle Maps premier API.

Automated offline nightly reports in your email inbox, besides 6 months’ of historical data.

Unlimited sub users;  various alerts via exception reports, downloadable in excel/pdf/CSV.

Quick and efficient support system with a clearly defined escalation matrix.

Device independent cloud based software that supports a wide range of European devices.

Mobile app (iPhone, iPad & Android phone, tab) to help you monitor/track vehicles on the go.

Reports on the fly – Predefined and Ad hoc reports that suit your business requirements.

School bus module that helps parents and school management plan, schedule and route trips.

API/Web service Integration with your backend business software

The software meets 103 compliance requirements as set by the Singapore government entity.

39k+ companies as our clients, and all of them recommend our service to other fleet owners.

The only product from Asia among the TOP Global 20 Fleet Software list published by Capterra.