Save fuel for additional trips

Monitor vehicle fuel usage in real-time

As a fleet owner, the cost and consumption of fuel are always a concern, and fuel savings continue to be essential in running a successful fleet operation.

A reliable fuel monitoring systems can help save fuel to a great extent.

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Fleet Automation is the key to regain control
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Prevent fuel tank drain and fraud attempts

  • Track fuel usage
  • Cut down fuel expenses

Tune every view to fit your fleet operation

Set up views, work with your data, and make it meaningful. View colour coded live, past vehicle tracks, and share the actionable information.

  • Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Reports & Charts
  • monitoring

    Tune every view to fit your fleet operation.

    Set up views, work with your data, and make it meaningful. View colour coded live, past vehicle tracks, and share the actionable information.

    Reduce fuel expenses

    Fuel monitoring and management is a logical place to start to reach
    fuel efficiency. It’s essential to track this expense so you can keep it under control.

    Real-time fuel monitoring system for vehicles

    Real-time Vehicle fuel level monitoring

    One of the many reasons why a fleet owner implements a vehicle tracking system for his/her long route truck is to regain control over the losses incurred on the road and to get realtime fuel tank alerts.

    Unmonitored vehicles are left vulnerable to fuel theft, and fuel tank alerts becomes critical to catching thieves in their act.

    Subscribe to AVLView fuel monitoring system with vehicle tracking, you won’t be disappointed.

    • Live Fuel monitoring;
    • Digital fuel sensors designed for trucks;
    • Multi level calibration procedure ensuring up to 95%* accuracy.

    Get alerted on refuel and drain with smart fuel tracking systems

    Let the fuel vouchers/bills your drivers bring be kept aside, those are easy to manipulate.

    The fact is, you clearly should have an idea about fuel refill volume on your trucks, ie., what volume of fuel was refilled, at what time, where was it filled etc.

    Apply fuelling restrictions on your fleet which in turn would reduce usage, theft, abuse and wastage. Smart fuel tracking systems can be of great help in this regard which can provide

    Alerts on refuel and drain
    Fuel usage analysis

    Fuel usage analysis

    One of the most effective methods of cost control in fleet management is the fuel usage analysis with the assistance of a fuel monitoring system.

    Fuel is the second largest expense category and most of the fleet owners across the world are concerned about fuel usage. If fuel usage is not kept under control it could result in huge loss for you as a fleet owner.

    Having a reliable fuel monitoring system in place can help you resolving the issue by

    • Providing accurate information on fuel usage
    • Generating analysed data on fuel usage and
    • Providing an insight into actual and optimal usage

    Analyse fuel efficiency

    With AVLView fuel monitoring system, wasted fuel will be a thing of the past.

    You can monitor fuel quantity or analyse fuel efficiency and consumption even without using additional accessories like fuel sensor rods. Those who use spreadsheets would find this feature handy.

    You may upload fuel refill data on a spreadsheet directly to the platform. Once uploaded, fuel logs are created and the fuel expenses are e-logged and would provide insight on

    • Total Cost;
    • Mileage;
    • Cost per Km.
    Analyse fuel efficiency
    Fuel reports/charts

    Fuel Reports/Charts

    Based on the available fuel data, a reliable fuel tracking software like AVLView can generate simple yet meaningful reports.

    Reports from fuel tracking software can help you understand and analyse information in a better and easy manner.

    Apart from generating meaningful reports, AVLView converts data into simple charts that help you understand and analyse information in a better and easy manner.

    • Monthly Fuel Consumption;
    • Refuel;
    • Fuel Drain;
    • Fuel Consumption (Refuel based);
    • Distance – Fuel: Graphical representation on Distance covered vs Fuel consumed;
    • Fuel Level: Overview on fuel level @ specific hours of the day.

    Fuel sensors

    Fuel sensors are used to measure, monitor and provide information on usage of fuel in a fuel tank.

    Fuel sensor when connected to GPS tracking device provide crucial information on fuel such as fuel drain, fuel refill and fuel usage in a vehicle

    Epsilon manufactures one of the best fuel sensors currently available in the market.

    EPSILON fuel level sensor has high accuracy (with accuracy <99%) measuring the level of fuel in vehicle fuel tanks

    • Supports analog fuel monitoring
    • Sensors are lightweight
    • Can be used for Short-measuring probes (for flat tank depth of less than 30 cm
    • Easy to install
    Fuel sensors

    Since the implementation of the GPS tracking system, I have better control on my fleet and I saved on my fuel consumption and overtime costs.

    Mr Frederick Madoo
    Gourmet Emporium, Mauritius
    Mr Frederick Madoo

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In a GPS vehicle tracking system, fuel consumption or usage is monitored using a fuel sensor
    which provides accurate measurement of fuel in the fuel tank.

    Fuel sensors are devices designed to measure and monitor fuel level in the vehicle fuel tank.

    Based on the data from the fuel sensor, a GPS platform provides information on the fuel level in the tank, fuel consumption per time period etc.

    Fuel is considered as the second largest expense category and uncontrolled fuel usage can result in huge loss for the fleet owners. In short, fuel monitoring helps fleet owners to keep fuel usage under control.

    A GPS platform system can provide you information on fuel consumption per time period. You may verify the fuel usage from this information (timely data/reports from the vehicle tracking platform.

    A GPS tracking system can notify/provide you information on a refuel or drain. You may verify the information in the bill using the data/ notification received from the tracking platform.

    Advanced GPS tracking system generates reports based on the fuel consumption for a specific time period (daily, weekly or monthly reports). You may make use of any of these reports.

    Yes, it’s possible. GPS vehicle tracking platform allows you to monitor fuel usage on a real time basis.

    Definitely. A good GPS tracking system lets you receive notifications when ever an instance of refuel or drain happens

    Available modes are SMS, Email, Mobile and pop-up notifications

    It could be due to a fuel sensor disconnection. Please check for connection issues if any (with the help of a qualified auto electrician)

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