How do I set user privileges in AVLView?

I have vehicles running for different departments in my company. When my sub-user Salesman logs in, I want him to see only the vehicles running for the Sales department. 

Firstly, we need to group your vehicles according to the departments. Then, assign these group(s) to the applicable sub-user(s). 

To create a new group:

Step 1. Go to Settings

Step 2. Click Groups

Step 3. Click Add New

Step 4. Name the group and save the changes

Step 5.  Apply this for all the departments in your company  

To assign vehicles to the group: 

Step 6. Go to Settings

Step 7. Click Vehicles

Step 8. Choose the vehicle number in the left pane

Step 9. In the right pane, click Optional

Step 10. Click Edit button

Step 11. Click ‘Optional’ tab and select the desired Group for this vehicle from drop down

Step 12. Save the Changes

Step 13. Apply this for all the vehicles in the list

To assign group(s) to a sub-user:

Step 14. Go to Settings

Step 15. Click Personnel

Step 16. Click the Settings button next to the name and click Edit

Step 17. Click “App User” tab

Step 18. Under Groups, select the group(s) you wish to assign to this user

Step 19. Click Update