Save big money with real time fleet tracking 24/7

With the price of oil skyrocketing again, cutting costs and conserving fuel is on the minds of just about every fleet owner. Fleet tracking is an easy, effective way to optimize performance and reduce fuel consumption.

Fleet tracking has a lot of cost-saving benefits. At the top of the list are increased productivity and decreased waste and unauthorized use.

Improved Driving Habits

Tracking is so sophisticated that it can monitor vehicle location, speed, patterns of acceleration, and whether the engine is idling. High-speed driving, jackrabbit acceleration, and idling for long periods with the air-conditioner blasting are all huge fuel wasters. But without hard data, it’s impossible to hold drivers accountable.

Now you can educate drivers in practices that conserve fuel and minimize vehicle wear and tear—then alert them when their driving causes unnecessary waste.

More Efficient Routing

route fence

Routing efficiencies are another way to cut costs. With our service you can improve driver productivity by as much as 40 hours per month, PER DRIVER. With “route fencing,” you know immediately if a driver deviates from the set route (saving the costs associated with personal side trips). But if a shortcut is available or detour is required, our software lets you know

Increased Client Satisfaction

Streamlining operations, lowering costs and increasing efficiency benefit your clients. By keeping your costs down, you’re able to offer better prices to your customers. And by increasing routing efficiency you ensure goods consistently arrive on time.

Easy, Automated and Effective

Our approach is so simple, agile and systematic that it makes the process of monitoring information on each vehicle easy and painless. You get the results you want, without the hassle of sifting through a barrage of data. To find out how we can help you optimize your fleet and lower costs, please contact us.