What are Reports in AVLView?

AVLView application stores vehicle history and other information for 6 months. You may view these historical data and other information in the form of Reports and charts.

Reports will provide you an overview of all your vehicles activities for the last 6 months. Application has around 30+ predefined reports based on different events/criteria. You may also create  customised reports (AD Hoc report) as and when required.

Trip Report

These reports are generated based on trips made by vehicle(s).

In an instance where Trip Reports are not getting generated in the account, Check if

  1. The ignition status of vehicle is getting changed to “ON” and “OFF”.
  2. Trip is “defined” properly (AVLView provides an option for user to define a Trip which can be either “Ignition OFF” or “Stop duration” for “X” minutes).

How to “define” a Trip?

Step 1: Login to AVlView application (https://app.avlview.com)

Step 2: Click on Settings >> Define Trip

Step 3: You may define a trip based on, how the journey ends. Ignition Off or Vehicle stop duration, say 1 minute.

Ignition On/Off report

These reports are generated based on Ignition On/Off status of the vehicle and defining “Stoppage” is very important when it comes to report.


AVLView provide an option for users to define a stoppage which can be either “Engine Off” or “Stationary for” (“x” seconds). Platform generate output (Reports/Alerts etc.) based on stoppage, hence defining stoppage is very critical.

How to define a Stoppage ? 

Step 1: Login to AVlView application (https://app.avlview.com)

Step 2: Click on Settings >> Stoppage

Step 3: Select “Stationary for” (example 60 Seconds) if you wish to change the default setting and click on “SAVE CHANGES”

Note: Default setting will be “Ignition Off”

If ignition On/Off reports are not getting generated, check the following;

  1. Check if the ignition status of vehicle is getting changed to “ON” and “OFF” and
  2. Stoppage is defined properly (as Engine Off/Stationary for “0” seconds).

Offline Reports 

Application provides an option to receive summary of your vehicle activities in a report format on daily basis.

How to activate Offline Report ? 

Step 1: Login to AVlView application (https://app.avlview.com)

Step 2: In “Reports” tab click on “Offline Report”

Step 3: Select the user(s) from drop down list and click on “SAVE CHANGES”

Note: Make sure that “Scheduled Report” is “ON”

Why am I not receiving Offline reports ?

  1. Make sure that Email Id is “Verified”
  2. Check if “Offline Excel” is selected in Roles & Privileges or
  3. Check if “user” who did not receive the Offline report is listed under “Subscribers”

How to create and schedule a report ?

Step 1: Login to AVlView application (https://app.avlview.com)

Step 2: Click “Reports”

Step 3: Click on “+” icon.

Step 2 : Name the report, eg : Vehicle Summary – Monthly and select the desired format

(Tabular or Chart) and click on next.

Step 3: Select template from drop down list.

Step 4: Select the required fields/columns and click on “NEXT”.

Step 5: Configure Spatial view (optional) and click on “NEXT”

Step 6: Select Conditions/Filters. Period can be selected from the drop down next to “Today”. “AND”,  “OR” rule can be added by clicking on “+ Rule”.

Step 7: Add Rule, example “Group” = = “Default Group”and click on “NEXT”

Step 8: Click on “Preview” to preview the report (you may click on “PUBLISH, if preview is not required”).

Step 9 : Click on “PUBLISH” if you are satisfied with the Preview, else you may edit/cancel the report by clicking on relevant options as shown in screen shot.

Note: “Spatial view” can be enabled by activating the “Show Spatial” button

Preview without Spatial view

Preview with Spatial view

Step 10: Select “Publish

Published report can be viewed under “Reports”. We have options to View, Edit, Clone (duplicate) or Subscribe (set schedule) the report.

Subscribe/Schedule a report

Step 1: Select “Subscribe” option

Step 2: Set the Schedule start date, frequency (Repeat) and the format (Excel/PDF)

Step 3: Select the users who wish to receive the report and click on “SAVE”