An AI chatbot to assist you 24/7


We are happy to announce the successful integration of enrol chatbot to the platform, namely AVLBot.

The goal of this integration is to provide human-like conversation with you, fleet owners. As always, we strive to bring in advanced features, one step at a time.

What is it?

AVLBot (powered by Enrol) is a chatbot based on natural language processing, with a human touch.

A chatbot can be rule-based or artificial intelligence (AI) based using machine learning (ML).

AVLBot is both an AI and rule-based chatbot, meaning it can be trained using ML to understand the context and intent of a question before formulating a response.

It has natural language processing capabilities and understands your query, context and intent. And at the same time, it can also be set up by way of a decision tree.

Any person with basic language skills can converse with AVLBot. It’s like having a group of customer service staff who don’t sleep but answer your questions and engage with you 24/7.

How to make use of AVLBot?

AVLBot can process and provide almost all available fleet information in AVLView platform with ease.

The bot will help you retrieve fleet data, view fleet activities such as the current location of the truck, share location with your customer, distance travelled and who drives the vehicle etc.

Apart from this, you can generate reports, create alerts, raise any support issues, sales-related queries and get instant responses.

Here are a few commands you could pass to retrieve information.

  • locate – to locate a vehicle. E.g., “Locate my vehicle”.
  • report – to generate reports. E.g., “show speed report for the day”.
  • alert – to show alerts generated. E.g., “show alerts for the day”.
  • support – to raise support issues.
  • share – to share live movement of a vehicle. E.g., “share plate# email”.
  • distance travelled – to get total distance plied by a vehicle.

If you feel like the responses/answers for some of your queries are not precise, don’t worry.

AVLBot is relatively new and the more you interact with it, the smarter it becomes. It is quite intelligent, will understand and learn the language nuances to give you convincing responses as time passes.