Latest features in Alerts and Reports module

AVLView ver 5.0

GPS tracking with Fleet automation

Latest release v5.0 is the result of our relentless effort to deliver value; to offer you countless benefits of using a real fleet automation system in full fledge. The platform is re-born with the most powerful fleet automation features bundled up together in the most efficient way to make your daily tasks easier; it’s quick, responsive and moreover descriptive enough for you to handle fleet operations with ease.
We are sure you’ll enjoy the many improvements. We did our best to bring the latest technology to AVLView while still maintaining the stability and security that you expected us to deliver. Now, what changed with 5.0?

1. MapView

  • A fully revamped MapView with an extensively large view of map
  • Easy to switch between Live tracking & history
  • Choose & pick your most useful tools to be shown on MapView
  • Trip coverage (scheduled trips) to be shown on map
mapview full

2. Alerts

  • New look for alert dashboard with alert overview chart
  • Alert management @ ease with brief yet meaningful descriptions
  • Modify/Delete an existing alert with ease in just a couple of mouse clicks
  • Column configuration for alerts in ‘Management’; choose the alert types to be seen under each alert segment. (3 segments are Geofence, Trips & Others)
  • Alert frequency can be set from a minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 24 hours. (Alert frequency refers to the timeframe in which alerts are active)
  • Alerts can be set for a single vehicle/specific vehicles or all vehicles
  • Time settings for alerts can be:
    • – Active round the clock
    • – Inactive round the clock
    • – Specific hours (Alerts can be set for 2 different time ranges; eg. 8.00am to 4.00pm, 6.00pm to 12.00am)
  • Alerts can be sent to:
    • – Users with access permission on chosen vehicle(s)
    • – Specific users
  • Multiple POI’s can be selected for Spot fence @ a time
modify settings

3. Reports

  • A new report added to the section – Daily activity report
  • All reports to have column configuration – Choose the columns you wish to see for each report

4. Administration

  • UI changes in basic settings page; made easy to use
  • Helpfile with 150 + pages to assist you throughout your fleet automation process
GPS Tracking with fleet automation

5. iButton

iButton configuration & management to be done through AVLView app itself; go to ‘Management, then to ‘iButton’.