Invalid vehicle speed in the report

My fleet was moving at a speed of 60 kmph today morning, but the report shows a speed nearing 200 kmph, please clarify.

For vehicles installed with GPS devices without a CAN-BUS connection, the vehicle speed is generated based on the GPS speed recorded in the device.

When the vehicle is plying along a low GPS signal area, it may generate invalid speed.

Please refer to the “Vehicle raw data report” available on the platform to check the satellite strength when an invalid speed triggered.

Please follow these steps to check satellite strength:

Step 1: Login to your AVLView account (

Step 2: Click Reports Tab

Step 3: Open “Vehicle Raw Data” Report

Step 4: Refer the satellite count received from device during the time invalid speed was displayed. If the satellite count is less than 5, then the speed generated would be invalid.

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