What is the driver identification retain policy?

My historical fleet reports display my current drivers name. How could I resolve this?

Driver identification retain policy is a feature in AVLView fleet management platform that helps to retain the driver name in historical data and reports.

There are 3 modes for setting driver identification retain policy viz.,

a) None: The previous driver’s name will be reset (with new) once a new trip is started (with or  without ibutton).
(Newly assigned driver’s name for swiped id will be displayed if the swipe is received within 20 secs)

b) Reset on ignition off : In this mode, the driver name will be reset once the vehicle’s ignition is switched off.
(Driver name will reflect only if the next trip is started with an ibutton swipe)

c) Always carry forward : In this case, the driver name is reset each time a new ibutton swipe is detected.
(Ignition on/off will not affect driver name in reports)