Adding Students and Parents in School bus module

There are two methods for adding Students and Parents viz…

1)  Manual addition

2)  Data uploading

Manual addition

Step 1: Login to AVlView application (

Step 2: Click School bus >> Students >> “+” and then “Add”

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Step 3: Enter Student details

Adding Class and Division

Class can be added/deleted by clicking on “+” mark against Class/Division.

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Managing divisions:

You may add/delete a Division by clicking on Manage Division

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Adding RFID card

This can be added by clicking on “+” mark against RFID Card

 *** RFID Card – Number needs to be entered if RFID cards are allocated to Students.

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*** If a Parent is already added, Parent name will appear in drop down list next to “Parent/Guardian”, If not, a Parent can be added by clicking on “+” sign against Parent/Guardian.

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  1. Please choose the Role as “Parent” from drop down and click on “Save”.
  2. Parent email id is not mandatory
  3. To send login credentials to Parents, select the desired parent and click on “Send Invitation”
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Data uploading

Step 1: Login to AVlView application (

Step 2 : Click on School bus, then Students

Step 3 : Click on “+”, then “Import”, 

Note: Once you click on import, you will be redirected to Upload Students page.

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Step 2: Click on “To get started, check out the file for importing students” and download the sample Data uploading file.

Step 3: Enter the required details (for all the students) and Save the file.

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Step 4: Click School Bus >> Students >> “+” >> Import >> Browse and choose the saved file and Click on “Continue”.

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Step 5 : Cross verify the relevant fields and click “Done”.

Important note: Please make sure that Trip names and Pick up/Drop off locations should match the ones that is already saved. If any Trip or Locations shown in the Upload sheet is not added already, data will not get loaded.