How do I create a Route Fence?

A Route-fence in Geographic Information System(GIS) is any line feature or path through a network that depicts a transportation route, viz. street, highway etc. that has a unique identifier.

Route fence helps you improve dispatch, communication with the drivers and lower transportation costs.This feature also allows you to assign a vehicle to pass through a specific route. You may set an alert so that you get notified if the vehicle deviates from the pre-planned route. This feature helps you gain complete control on daily Trip Schedule.

Please follow below step by step procedure to create a route fence: 

Step 1: Login to AVLView application (

Step 2: Select “MapView” tab, enable “Show Right Pane” and choose “Manage Route Fence” from drop down list and click “Save Changes”.

Step 3: Select “Manage Route Fence” and click “Create” first route.

Step 4: Click on map to pinpoint spots/locations through where you wish to create route. Keep on clicking, until you form a route that includes all your way points.

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Step 5: Name your route (type the desired route name in the space next to “Route”) and click on “Save”