How to set an entry or exit alert?

I wish to be notified when the vehicle reaches my office and back home 

Firstly, you will need to mark your office as well as your house as POIs. Then create a Spot fence alert for these POIs, to notify you when the vehicle enters/exits it.  Please refer below article to learn how to mark a PoI (Point of Interest)

Steps to create spot fence alert

Step 1: Click Settings tab from top right corner of the screen

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Step 2: ‘Manage’ Alerts Overview

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Step 3: Click on Add (+) button under Spot-fence alert

Step 4: From the drop down next to Choose the PoI(s), select your house and office

Step 5: Select the criteria to generate this alert

Step 6: Choose the vehicle number, Active Hours, User and Mode of notification

Step 7: Click Save

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