Conquer Local Delivery Woes with Delivery Route Planner

Smart, reliable, and cost-effective – your favourite delivery app just got better! TrackView helps deliver with accurate ETAs, location-based rerouting, and real-time updates.

“The display is intuitive to use with arrows on the map showing the route that the vehicle takes”.

Galvin Lian
Galvin Lian, Director
Connect4car Pte Ltd., Singapore.

delivery route planner

Avoid delays, cut expenses and delight customers

TrackView helps deliver with accurate ETAs, location-based rerouting, and real-time visibility –
regardless of vehicle type or carrier.

  • Add orders
  • Choose vehicles
  • Optimise route & dispatch
  • Track live
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    Mobile apps GPS vehicle racking

    Driver’s app

    Tracking + delivery in one!

    Here’s how the app improves the efficiency of your on-demand and scheduled delivery business operations.

    Start by pooling orders; TrackView routes, fleets and dispatches optimize load capacity—all the way to seamless customer experiences.

    Trusted by 39k+ fleet owners worldwide!

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    We are legit: 39k+ truck owners trust us

    Gps live tracking

    Automatic vehicle location (AVL)

    Realtime tracking

    The delivery app updates its location data every 10-20 seconds, giving an accurate picture of where the vehicle is on Google maps.

    Live GPS vehicle tracking

    “The user interface is simple and easy to use. The platform is intuitive, and the reports provided are comprehensive”.
    Galvin Lian
    Abdul Rahman
    Energy Control Tech, Saudi Arabia.

    Create fleet reports

    Delivery notifications

    Notify your customers

    It’s a useful way of notifying recipients about the vehicles’ whereabouts, delivery or pickup, date, time, location, and order number.

    Create Alerts or Notifications

    “We found that the support team is always with us for any guidance/ clarification on the extension modules”.
    M. P. Chandrasekharan, Logistics
    Josco Group, India.

    Get notified events

    Proof of Delivery (POD)

    Capture signature & photos for delivery

    Get proof of delivery (POD) digitally after each delivery and improve your last-mile delivery business.

    That way, you won’t have to deal with customers who claim they never received a package—and risk losing business because of it.

    Capture signature & photos

    “Since the implementation of the GPS tracking system, I have better control on my fleet and I saved on my fuel consumption and overtime costs”.
    Mr Frederick Madoo
    Mr Frederick Madoo
    Gourmet Emporium, Mauritius

    Welcome, automated delivery routing!

    How it works now…

    Add vehicles, add orders, optimise routes, dispatch and monitor live movement.

    • Import your orders; the system forward geocodes to help with the delivery.
    • Notifies your customers’ of whereabouts, delivery or pickup, date, time and orders.
    • Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) after each delivery, and you can use it to improve last-mile delivery business.
    • Sturdy backend: Scale your delivery operations to meet the demands of your growing business.
    • Reports: Evaluate and analyze your data, then draw conclusions from it. View, on your tracking app, the most recent and past vehicle tracks in colour-coded form.


    Consider real-life factors, generate reports, and integrate with your backend systems.

    • Work hours: Optimizing routes with real-life factors, like lunch breaks and driver sick days, is more realistic than optimizing them without those constraints.
    • API: Identify your company’s most vital information, and make sure that it is central to every aspect of your business operations. Then feed this data into an ERP system.
    • Service area: Define a geographical boundary within which your team can work, then schedule deliveries and pickups within that area.

    Save time and increase customer satisfaction with accurate ETAs!

    TrackView helps delivery companies optimize their routes,
    providing five-star service to local customers.