How to track trailers in AVLView?

AVLView provides a feature to view the trailer’s last attached /detached locations.

This feature works with the help of a trailer identification method using a Ruptela device and 1 wire temperature sensor.

Each time a trailer is attached/detached, a temperature sensor ID would be generated which is used to track the trailer location.

To know more about the wiring and device details ,please visit below link

You may configure the trailer identification in AVLView using below steps.

Step 1 :  Login to AVLView application (

Step 2 : Click Setting tab from top right corner of the screen (full screen mode)

Step 3: Click “Trailers” option

Step 4: Click “add new trailer” 

Step 5: Add the trailer details and temperature sensor id to configure trailer in AVLView

Step 6: Click “save”