Vehicle tracking software

Live GPS vehicle tracking to keep track of your vehicle

The software presents vehicle location tracking data, enabling real-time monitoring of your fleet’s performance.

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Live GPS vehicle tracking device and software
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Live GPS tracking system to turn hidden costs into realized savings.

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Identify the fleet metrics that are important..

Use map views to create visual stories with your data. Choose from a variety of features to monitor the movement of your vehicles, including real-time vehicle tracking and shareable maps.

  • MapView
  • Past tracks
  • Share
  • Timeline
  • Trip summary
  • Mapview

    Automated Rules

    If you’re still considering whether your company needs this,
    keep reading to discover the benefits of live fleet tracking software.

    Live tracking

    Live GPS Vehicle tracking software

    The data is refreshed every 10-30 seconds providing each vehicle’s exact position. The display is intuitive, with arrows on the vehicle tracking map showing any chosen vehicle’s route.

    Knowing where your vehicles and assets are at all times helps you regain control of your fleet operations. You will have real-time data on:

    Follow the vehicle movement

    The map-centric user interface is built on layers of latest map data. It allows you to store points on the map, such as landmarks, stops and delivery addresses.

    The vehicle tracking map automatically updates and pans with the movement of your vehicle and shows you the route with arrows marked on it.

    • A live trail of moving vehicles;
    • Accurate geo-location data;
    • Worldwide road and traffic data;
    • 99.9% uptime reliability.
    Follow the vehicle movement with live tracking

    Track your vehicle live on your mobile

    No more hassles of carrying your laptops around, tracking your vehicles on the go, that too live 24/7 on your mobile device.

    With real time vehicle tracking data available on your mobile, you can identify and address problems while improving operations over the long term.

    • Real time Vehicle tracking app (Android, iOS);
    • Intuitive user interface;
    • Quick access to meaningful fleet data;
    • Mobile notifications.
    Track your vehicle live on your mobile

    View past tracks (history) up to 1 year

    View past tracks (history) up to 1 year

    You may refer to your vehicles’ past tracks (history data) anytime up to 1 year. You may retrieve the past tracks; for hourly, weekly or any custom range.

    • Replay past vehicle movement;
    • Save route (incl. waypoints) from past tracks;
    • Measure how far how fast vehicles travelled;
    • Heatmap of fleet activity for the period chosen;
    • Export vehicle historical tracks.

    Share vehicle movement with your customers

    There’s nothing more than being honest with the word you promised to deliver on time.

    What if there is an unexpected delay? You can share the real time vehicle tracking URL with your clients so they can track their shipments on a vehicle tracking map in real time.

    • Share real time vehicle tracking URL;
    • Set link expiry with time frames;
    • Fully secured, and shares only vehicle real-time data.

    Share vehicle movement with your customers

    Real-time trip coverage with ETA

    Real-time trip coverage with ETA

    Create instant daily trips for your vehicles on the map. Include all your landmarks as waypoints en route and get an estimated arrival time.

    Nothing is more effective in calming an impatiently waiting customer than being able to ascertain the exact time of arrival.

    Create trip schedules and get an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)’s based on the time you specify for each stop point.

    • ETA refreshes at each waypoint en route;
    • Updated trip progress on the map.

    Real-time road traffic data

    Now you know how to keep your clients on the course on occasions of delayed deliveries. But what if you could avoid all those delivery delays by identifying road traffic and re-route your vehicles?

    The traffic layer on the map helps you analyse road traffic in real-time and organise trips accordingly using the ‘Create Instant Trip’ feature.

    • Points of Interest (PoI) along with traffic layers;
    • Real-time vehicle movement with road traffic data.

    Real-time road traffic data

    Monitor Fuel and detect Fuel theft

    Monitor Fuel and detect Fuel theft**

    Do your vehicle’s fuel tank run questionably low? It’s essential to use a fuel tracking system that helps you track fuel expenses to keep them under control.

    With digital fuel sensor rods installed into your truck’s fuel tank, you would be able to pinpoint fuel wastage or even outright fuel theft.

    • Up to 95% fuel level reporting accuracy;
    • Monitor fuel-level real-time;
    • Keep a tab on fuel refuel and drain;
    • Low fuel level, refuel and quick fuel drain alerts.

    Vehicle Filtering

    Do you have fleets operating for different departments and wish to view a list of vehicles running for a specific purpose? The filter option helps you search for vehicles based on

    Vehicle Filtering

    Sort Vehicle based on its state

    Sort Vehicles based on their state

    You can sort your trucks based on specific criteria and manage your fleet with minimal effort.
    You may sort vehicles as

    Right Pane options

    Other notable features let you manage your places of interest and get directions between places.

    • Manage POI/Zones;
    • Search places;
    • Get Directions;
    • Show Trip coverage.
    Right Pane options

    Manage Route, Territorial and Proximity alert

    Manage Route, Territorial, and Proximity alerts

    You may create a specific route or territory for your vehicle(s) and set alerts for deviations in the predefined path or territory.

    • Create a route and assign it to your driver;
    • Alerts on deviations in the path;
    • Proximity alert on a vehicle moving into a zone.

    Find Nearby Assets

    With this option, you could easily search for any nearby vehicles. Set a radius, and you can view all the vehicles in the specified location/area.

    • Set a radius to search a nearby vehicle;
    • The feature is of great help during an emergency.

    Find Nearby Assets

    World wide tracking coverage

    World wide coverage

    If you are tired of keeping up with your fleet operation, let us help you get to where you need to be.

    The platform supports many GPS tracking devices, and we do have support teams in the following countries;

    • Singapore
    • India
    • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
    • Mauritius
    • United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)
    • Qatar
    • Kenya
    • Bahrain
    • Zambia

    Our search for a reliable fleet management system ended when we found AVLView fleet automation. The software is powerful, and the support is awesome.

    World wide tracking coverage
    Abdul Rehman
    Arqah Charity

    Our search for a reliable fleet management system ended when we found AVLView fleet automation. The software is powerful, and the support is awesome.

    Abdul Rehman
    Arqah Charity
    World wide tracking coverage

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Vehicle tracking is a way of monitoring the movements of vehicles in real-time. This includes monitoring the location and speed of vehicles and the number of trips they make daily.

    The first step is to install a GPS tracking device into your vehicle. This can be done by installing it yourself or hiring a professional like us to do it for you. Once installed, you can monitor your vehicle’s location at all times using a vehicle tracker app.

    It is an online system that enables you to get real-time insight into the overall activities of your vehicle. It can provide real-time insight into the activities of a vehicle, including its ignition status, speed, current location, fuel quantity, engine temperature and more.

    Most advanced GPS tracking systems can auto-generate reports based on vehicle activities and even help immobilise a vehicle remotely.

    Private individuals use GPS tracking software, as do businesses and institutions monitoring their vehicles’ fleets. It is a technology that helps manage a fleet of vehicles by tracking its location.

    The most common use is to ensure that the vehicles are being driven by employees who are authorised to drive them. This helps reduce insurance costs and improve employee productivity and safety. It can also be used to keep track of stolen vehicles and their locations, which can then be reported back to authorities.

    It plays an important role in asset management (tracking the location of your assets) and sales (tracking salespeople’s locations). It can also be used for school bus tracking and law enforcement.

    It works using a Global Positioning System (GPS) and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) to track and locate a vehicle.

    The GPS device in the vehicle communicates with satellites which transmit information such as the vehicle’s current location, speed, time and direction. The resulting information can be viewed via the internet on an electronic map or specialised software such as AVLView.

    Yes, it is truly live because your vehicles are tracked without interruption. The satellites continuously update the location information (current location, speed, time direction etc.), and the GPS device passes the data to the cloud servers every few seconds.

    As long as the satellite information is received in real-time, your vehicles can be tracked live in real time.

    The frequency of receiving updates is continuous. Generally, data frequency is set for a duration of anywhere between 10 to 120 seconds. The higher the frequency, the lower the SIM data usage and the less data load impacts the cloud servers.

    One good place to put a car tracking device is under your car’s dashboard, in a horizontal position with an unobstructed view of the sky.

    If the device has an external antenna, it is advisable to place it underneath the dashboard to avoid tampering.

    The tracking devices work in two ways: actively and passively. Active GPS trackers transmit their location and other information in real-time, while passive devices store data for later retrieval.

    GPS vehicle trackers are available in three primary forms: OBD plug-in, hardwired, or battery-operated.

    OBD GPS devices are small plug-in trackers that monitor a vehicle’s location and movements by connecting to its OBD (On Board Diagnostics) port.

    Hardwired car GPS trackers are permanently installed inside vehicles and are wired directly into the car’s electrical system. Hardwired systems collect far more data than other devices through a range of sensors, giving you access to the information you wouldn’t otherwise have.

    Portable GPS trackers are pocket-sized and powered by long-lasting built-in batteries, so they don’t drain your car’s battery.

    Yes, it does. A tracking system is usually connected directly to the vehicle’s battery source. Modern GPS devices available today come with an inbuilt battery to operate in the event of a vehicle battery failure.

    There are many live tracking systems available in the market; here are a few things to consider when choosing your live tracking system:

    1. Robust GPS tracking device (Important: Insist on device protocol document too, you might need this if you plan to switch over to a new provider);

    2. A well-developed fleet management software that can resolve your fleet operational issues; remember, just tracking the vehicle is not enough; the platform should use that information to help you automate your fleet and cut operational costs.

    3. An excellent customer service staff who will help solve any problems related to tracking devices or software if they arise during the installation process or after switching providers (or even after purchase).

    Not at all. A tracking device, along with fleet tracking software, is not expensive, but it does require a bit of work to set up. This can be time-consuming, so we recommend getting a quote from us before purchasing.

    Your vehicle’s warranty is only as good as those vehicle tracking service providers who work on it. If a technician cuts wires to enable the remote immobilisation feature or install a tracking device without using scotchlok, the life of your vehicle could be negatively affected, and it may invalidate the vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty.

    We always recommend that you have your vehicle’s tracking device installed by someone who has taken the necessary training and certifications.

    Yes, you can stop or immobilise your vehicle via tracking software in case of theft or unauthorised use. However, it is illegal in many countries to immobilise a vehicle remotely. In addition, the immobilisation feature requires tampering with wires leading to the engine; doing so will invalidate the vehicle’s warranty.

    It’s hard to decide on one, but in our experience, some of the best vehicle tracking devices are GPS devices manufactured by Teltonika, Concox and Ruptela.

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