Why does an incorrect fleet track or history get displayed?

While viewing my fleet’s track for the last week, I noticed that the route through which my fleet plied is displayed incorrectly. Please assist.

Incorrect fleet tracks or history is displayed (in fleet management platform) because, GPS device records location data that does not represent the actual activity. 

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There are many factors that could result in this, viz.,

1. Vehicle is plying or parked in an area where GPRS/3G network coverage is poor
An active GPS tracking device usually have SIM Card with a GPRS or 3G data plan. The device sends the location updates to the backend server frequently. Often the servers get updated every 20 secs while the vehicle is on the move. If your vehicle moves through a low network coverage area, you probably need to wait for a few minutes or hours until the vehicle returns to the coverage area.

2. Issues with the power source or vehicle battery
Above mentioned issues can also lead to a device disconnection  and show incorrect location on the app.

3. GPS device may have recorded GPS points that deviate from vehicle’s actual path
If the vehicle turns out of network or shows wrong location not because of any of the reasons mentioned above, a physical inspection is required for the device.