Boost Your Delivery
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  • Efficiently Route Orders;
    Swiftly assign orders to drivers.
  • Track Deliveries in Real-Time;
    Keep a vigilant eye on deliveries.
  • Verify Deliveries with Proof;
    Solid proof with signatures and photos.
AVLView GPS tracking platform
AVLView GPS tracking platform

Juggling deliveries and drivers is hard …

Mistakes and unhappy customers are common. Imagine smooth deliveries, happy customers, and no stress. The driver dispatch App makes this a reality. Easy to use with the platform.

  • Create order
  • Track orders
Dispatch create order
Easy Deliveries, Happy Faces

Works like magic

Easy Deliveries, Happy Faces

Make delivering stuff super easy and keep everyone happy with the app that works like magic.

Transform delivery chaos into smooth operations. It benefits your fleet operations regardless of your business size.

Trusted by 39k+ fleet owners worldwide!

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We are legit: 39k+ truck owners trust us

Gps live tracking

Automatic vehicle location (AVL)

Simplified Task Access

It allows drivers and fleet admins to effortlessly view delivery tasks in real-time on their mobile apps and platforms, ensuring seamless coordination.

Live GPS vehicle tracking

“We did extensive research and evaluated many vehicle tracking systems before choosing AVLView”.
Fergal Walsh
Fergal Walsh
Rezayat Sparrow Arabian Crane Hire Co Ltd.

Create fleet reports

Delivery notifications

Live Delivery Updates

Activate delivery updates to receive instant notifications when orders are completed. This ensures fleet admins and customers stay informed about delivery progress in real-time.

Create Alerts or Notifications

“We did extensive research, evaluated many vehicle tracking systems before choosing AVLView. Thanks to their well-structured team giving us personal attention along the way”.
Abdul Rehman Hadi
Abdul Rehman Hadi
Saudi Arabia.

Get notified events

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Instant Delivery Proof

Enable delivery proofs for drivers to capture and share proof of each delivery with photos and signatures, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Capture signature & photos

“Since the implementation of the GPS tracking system, I have better control on my fleet and I saved on my fuel consumption and overtime costs”.
Mr Frederick Madoo
Mr Frederick Madoo
Gourmet Emporium, Mauritius

Welcome, automated delivery routing!

How it works now…

Just click ‘Dispatch’ on our platform, add your drivers, and you’re ready to start dispatching tasks.

  • Assign delivery tasks to drivers, outlining specific pickup and drop-off points.
  • Track driver locations in real time, ensuring efficient route management and safety.
  • Receive instant notifications upon task completion, keeping operations smooth and timely.
  • Communicate directly with drivers through the app for updates and instructions.
  • Collect and review delivery proofs, such as signatures and photos for accountability.
  • Leverage APIs to easily integrate with your existing backend systems, streamlining your operations.


Consider real-life factors, generate reports, and integrate with your backend systems.

  • Work hours: Optimizing routes with real-life factors, like lunch breaks and driver sick days, is more realistic than optimizing them without those constraints.
  • Service area: Define a geographical boundary within which your team can work, then schedule deliveries and pickups within that area.

Ready to Transform Your Deliveries?

Start optimising your delivery operations today. Click ‘Dispatch,’ add drivers, and experience seamless, efficient task management. Upgrade now and see the difference immediately.