How realtime GPS tracking can benefit bus companies

If you’ve ever stood patiently waiting to catch the bus, only to have the bus running 20, 30, or worse yet…45 minutes behind schedule, then you know what a hassle this is.

How Realtime GPS Tracking Can Benefit Bus Companies

This is particularly frustrating when you’ve rushed to get to the bus stop on-time, in a hurry to get somewhere, or the weather is just so terrible while waiting for the bus in the presence of Mother Nature. Not only is this an inconvenience and hassle for bus riders, but it’s also not good for the bus company itself. This is bad business and it’s avoidable with realtime GPS tracking.

Other Problems Bus Companies Have to Deal With

When a bus is running behind schedule, this puts connecting buses behind in schedule, and before you know it the entire fleet could be running behind because of one or two drivers. Things happen – it’s not always the driver’s fault. Traffic could be backed up. The driver may have had to help a disabled bus rider onto the bus. There could be road work or an accident ahead. The cause could be anything.

Real-Time Tracking Encourages Buses to Be On-Time


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However, with that said, with realtime GPS tracking, bus companies are able to keep track of drivers and fleets in real time. This saves invaluable time and revenue. It’s good business to be “on-time” as much as possible and when you use realtime GPS tracking for your fleets you stand a greater chance of achieving this.

When drivers run their buses on a real-time schedule this encourages more “on-time” activity. It also provides peace of mind to those standing in the heat, wind, rain, or cold waiting for the bus that the bus will be on-time and their wait won’t be long.

It’s bad business to be late for anything. Running late could lead to loss of revenue and bus riders who may opt to use other forms of public transportation that will get them to their destination on time.

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