Latest in Fleet Reports

AVLView 9.0 Release Notes #

Report module is totally revamped in the latest version (ver. 9.0) of AVLView. Creating or sorting reports in AVLView is a cakewalk now.

Set conditions, add filters for report #

Now users have the flexibility to create conditions and add filters using all available columns in a report.

Set conditions/filters for reports using the selected columns

Choose multiple items from the drop-down list #

Be it a group, vehicle or driver, you may choose from single, multiple or all items from the filter drop down list while sorting a report.

Option to choose multiple items from all available filter dropdowns.

Set time range for reports #

All these days we were able to choose only the date range for reports, in the latest version, a user may choose a specific time range also for which report is required.

Set time range for reports

Create a PoI from spatial view #

Creating a PoI is made easier now with the latest option to create a PoI from the spatial view in the report if the spatial mode of the report is Point or Circle.

Create a POI from Spatial view

Set your own report summary #

Latest module lets you summarise your report based on a specific column, e.g. A report can be summarised based on the total hours plied by a vehicle after Office hours.

Set your own summary columns

Group fields in a report #

Grouping a report can now be done while creating/viewing a report.

Grouping a report

Categorise report #

New report feature also lets the user categorise a report. Option to filter a report list based on a category is also made available in the latest report module

Report categorisation

Monthly offline Summary report #

We have added one more report to our offline report list ie. Monthly offline summary report.

Improvements in Scheduler #

Scheduler lets an user to;

  • Choose a predefined time to send offline reports to the subscribers
  • Add or remove subscribers
Improvements in Scheduler

Favourite your frequently used report #

Favourite a report you use frequently so that you can easily access it from the report list.

Generate any type of reports #

We have a new and improved report generating process in place for server intensive queries. In order to optimise the report generation time, a link to download the report in Excel format will be sent to the user via email.

Note: Report is available for upto 3 months.

Alert rules #

Using the latest feature made available in the alerts module, a user may opt to choose multiple locations while creating an alert rule.