Why does the dashboard show “delayed update”?

My fleet dashboard shows a ‘delayed update’’ status every morning, what could be the reason for this?

Dashboard show “delayed update” which could be due to any of the following reasons viz.,

Your vehicle could be plying through an area where GPRS/network coverage is poor – An active GPS tracking device usually has a SIM Card with a GPRS or mobile data plan. If your vehicle moves along a low network coverage area, you probably need to wait until the vehicle returns to the coverage area.

Your vehicle is parked in the basement or underground – If this is the case, you should expect to get weak GPS reception and therefore horrible accuracy. Thick forests, underground parking spaces, signal jammed sites etc., acts as an hindrance for GPS tracking devices in receiving signals. 

Issues with the power source or vehicle battery can also lead to a device disconnection  and show incorrect location –

If you could not notice any of the above mentioned reasons, a physical inspection may be required for the device.