Essentials Of Fleet Management Software | An Overview


Managing a fleet of vehicles is like herding cats. As a fleet owner, you need a system to understand every aspect of your fleet operation, from vehicles to personnel to equipment.

A good GPS fleet management system will help improve all aspects of your fleet operation and save time, money and energy without sacrificing quality or performance.

Fleet management system weekly summary

Imagine manually keeping track of every vehicle in your fleet, including how many miles they’ve travelled, who the driver was, and what maintenance they need.

That’s an awful waste of time! What if software could help you do all of that in a few clicks?

Solution: Use GPS fleet automation software, which makes it easy to keep all your fleet records in order.

You can keep track of maintenance records, eliminate the hours of administrative work, employee schedules and even how many miles each vehicle has travelled on the road!

Fleet management is a key element of data-driven business.

It uses GPS tracking to gather pertinent information about your fleet, and instead of just handing you that information, and use that information to create an individualised optimisation plan.

 Vehicle tracks or history

It’ll ensure you are running the shortest routes with well-maintained vehicles. It can help you save on fuel costs and man hours. It is a one-stop solution to ensure every step of running your fleet is optimised to save you time and money.

Finally—and perhaps most importantly—fleet managers can use our fleet software AVLView.

We developed AVLView to help fleet owners regain control of their fleet of vehicles and drivers.

AVLView platform provides real-time visibility across all aspects of fleet operations, including scheduling; preventive maintenance planning; vehicle tracking capabilities such as maintenance history reports and alarms when sensors detect problems with the engine/transmission system, etc.

What to look for in a fleet automation system

There are mainly 3 factors you should consider when choosing a gps fleet management system.

The first is whether or not the system will be easy to use but robust.

A great gps fleet management system should have an intuitive user interface that’s easy to navigate and understand and lots of helpful features like data reports and analytics tools.

The second factor is integration with other systems in your business.

For example, suppose you’re using Salesforce or SAP Hana software for sales tracking or marketing automation (two popular CRM platforms). In that case, those applications must work well with each other so they can share information without gaps in coverage or functionality.

Thirdly, the scalability of the platform.

Look at how many vehicles are being tracked by the platform, how fast and how much data about each vehicle is processed and stored—especially if these are driven by multiple drivers over time who may move around from job site to job site within an organisation’s network of dealerships across multiple states/countries!

Record all data that is important for the operation of your fleet.

A fleet management system is a software solution that tracks the performance of your vehicles and fleet.

The information collected can include fuel usage, maintenance, driver behaviour and more.

The data should be accessible to all team members, so they know exactly what’s happening with their vehicles at any given time.

The most important thing to remember when creating a fleet monitoring system is that it must be easily accessible by drivers and managers alike – this way, everyone will have access when needed!

You can use the data you collect for predictive maintenance schedules.

The data you collect can predict the likelihood of equipment breakdowns and make preventive maintenance schedules. This is called predictive maintenance, and it’s a big part of vehicle fleet management systems.

For example, you may be able to tell if your vehicle will need new tires or brakes before they wear out completely (or, even worse: break down).

You might also be able to see which parts are most likely to fail next and when they will fail—so that if there is any doubt about whether an item needs to be replaced soon enough before it needs replacing again (which could cost thousands).

Then you can replace it sooner rather than later in order not have unnecessary downtime caused by waiting for replacement parts from suppliers who may take weeks or months just because their supply chain isn’t working properly right now, either!

Identify trends and patterns that could indicate fuel or vehicle inefficiencies.

 Fuel consumption data
  • Identify patterns in fuel consumption.
  • Identify patterns in vehicle usage.
  • Identify patterns in driver behaviour, productivity and overall efficiency of your fleet.

Integrate your fleet management and planning.

As a business owner, you want to ensure that your fleet runs efficiently and effectively. Integrating your fleet management and planning is a good way to do this. This can help you decide better what vehicles to buy, how much fuel to spend on each trip, etc.

  Vehicle utilisation metrics

Plan for driver safety measures and work with drivers to improve them.

The fleet management technology is a critical component of driver safety. It integrates with other systems, such as safety and maintenance, to provide the best possible experience for drivers.

This means you can plan for the most effective training methods and provide resources to improve their skills.

Driver rag report

The best fleet management software also helps improve driver fatigue awareness by providing information about where they are in their shift. Hence, they know how long they have left before coming home or heading out later in their shift.

This way, he/she will be able to look at his phone instead of focusing on driving too much longer than usual just because there weren’t enough minutes left before his next break came around again!

A good fleet management system help you keep track of all the information related to your vehicles and drivers so that everything is clear when it comes time for scheduling or negotiating contracts.

This helps ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes time to decide what needs doing where, who needs doing what and how much money they should be paid.


If your fleet operation is already running smoothly, you don’t have to worry much.

But if there are problems with your fleet operation, and if you think your fleet monitoring software doesn’t live up to, please consider moving your vehicles to AVLView, fleet management services.

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