Spot geo fence alert not triggered

I have created two Points of Interest (PoIs) (pickup and drop off) inside my factory compound, that are close to each other. A spot fence alert has been set for these PoIs to notify me of pickup and drop off trips. However, the spot fence alerts are generated only for the first PoI.

It is more likely that these two PoIs are overlapping. When that happens, only the alert for the PoI that the vehicle touches first is generated. You’ll need to edit the perimeter of the PoIs in such a way that they are not overlapping.

Step 1: Go to MapView

Step 2: Click “Show Right Pane”

Step 3: Click “Manage PoI/Zones”

Step 4: Analyse both the PoIs and understand where they are overlapping

POI overlapping

Step 5: Adjust the buffer of these PoIs so that they do not overlap

Step 6: Alternatively, you may set the perimeter using rectangle or polygon options to avoid overlapping

Set POI perimeter

Step 7: Play the history to make sure that the vehicle enters the second PoI.