How do I know if a drain alert is legit?

In most cases, fuel thefts happen when the vehicle is parked. As it happens, there is a gradual drop in the fuel level. If you receive a drain alert, please check the application to see if the basic conditions (speed = 0 and Ignition = Off) are met to generate a drain alert. If so, it’s more likely that the alert is legit.

You may verify it by further analyzing the raw data of the vehicle:

Step 1: Go to Reports

Step 2: Click Vehicle Raw Data -> View Report

Vehicle raw data report

Step 3: Select the date and Click Download -> Excel

Vehicle raw data report in Excel

Step 4: Open the downloaded file

Step 5: Scroll down to the exact time the drain was reported

Step 6: Check the ignition status, speed, fuel level etc. to see if the mentioned conditions are satisfied

Vehicle raw data