Improved Vehicle Checkup Log

Set schedule for vehicle checkup

It would be more useful with the option to set a schedule for vehicle checkup. Checkup can be scheduled once, daily, weekly or on a monthly basis.

A scheduled check up streamlines the inspection process and eliminates any risk of delayed vehicle inspection and maximizes the life and performance of your vehicles.

Set Schedule for vehicle checkup

Get notified on scheduled vehicle checkup

Apart from scheduling a vehicle checkup, the latest feature lets a user be notified on a scheduled check up via SMS, Mobile push notification, Email, and Popup messages.

A scheduled vehicle check up makes sure that defects are prevented on time before an accident or major repair happens to your vehicle.

For example, as a fleet owner it will be difficult for you to check the running condition of all your vehicles on a daily basis. Maintaining a vehicle checkup log and scheduling vehicle check ups makes sure that you are aware of what needs to be done, and how often to keep your vehicles in top running condition.

And getting alerted on scheduled vehicle check ups ensures that you don’t miss out on anything. This helps you keep a track of your vehicle maintenance needs and leave no room for error.

Get notified on scheduled

An endnote; Option to submit a vehicle checkup form using a mobile app will be made available shortly.