This time, improved Alert settings a bit to enrich your experience

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And you would find at least a few other improvements on every page. Most importantly, we wanted to create a new look and feel that embodied the speed, progression, depth, and breadth of the features we create here at without changing ease of use, expert-level detail or engaging tone AVLView become known for.

Notification Alerts for exceptions by SMS and email

We just dressed it up and — hopefully — made it a little easier on you to explore and make better use of the features. From the enhanced Oneview dashboard for alerts, even with a quick glance, you know what all alerts have you set for your vehicles so far and just by clicking on the alert type against a desired vehicle, you can create a new alert or edit an existing one.

notification settings

Other additions

  • Odometer value can be updated on Dashboard now.
  • Full screen view of map.
  • Daily Summary offline excel file on user demand.
    [Point to Point report has been added to Daily Summary report]
  • Ability to choose verified email ids/mobiles to be alerted on exception.
  • Idling alert can now be set for upto 30 minutes
  • Aircon alert while idling can now be set for upto 30 minutes
  • Aircon on while idling to be considered as a factor to compute drivers’
    performance in driver scorecard.
  • Offline report based on groups/sub users.
  • Modified driver authorization settings.
  • Minor bug fixes.