Release notes v9.0.4

We released an upgrade, with the latest version (Ver. 9.0.4) providing a lot of improvements to the Service & Maintenance module, Settings, Vehicle check up log and Driver dispatch.

Improvements to the Service and Maintenance module

The new tab named ‘Issues’ in the module keeps a track of issues related to your vehicle. It helps you to record issues as and when issues happen.

      • Add issue details – Issue title, description, odometer reading, date & time of
        issue occurrence and the person who has reported the issue
      • Assign the reported issue to an user
      • Set an overdue date and time to resolve a reported issue
      • Attach images of the issues
      • Add any important notes while closing an issue
      • Track the reported issue status in the audit trail viz., All, Open, Resolved or
        Closed and
      • Archive an issue.

    Service and maintenance module

    Services log

    Service log in the latest version has options for the following:

            • Add individual item cost (Labor and vehicle parts cost) separately
            • View service reminder set for any selected service type
            • Option to link an existing issue and mark it as resolved.

          Edit service log

          Updated Vehicle Check up log

          Latest Vehicle check up log provides an option for the users to create an issue for items which are marked as failed. This feature will let you to keep a track of any persisting issues and assign the same to a user.

        • Updated vehicle check up log

          Driver dispatch improvements

          Update in settings

          Latest settings for the driver dispatch app allows a user to view manual trips and activities upon scanning the QR code (irrespective of the driver identification type).

          Update in settings

        • Updates in driver mobile app

        • Newly added feature in driver dispatch comes with an option to add an activity and an added activity can be viewed along with trip report.Updates driver mobile app
        • Also, an option to share your vehicle location will soon be made available in AVLView Mobile app.