Share vehicle location

Sharing vehicle location with your client is important and mutually beneficial. 1. Client need not ring you frequently to know the expected time of delivery (ETD), 2. Your client could serve their customers faster, and keep them informed on stock movement/availability.

Send an invite to your clients and let them track their shipment on their own. Your care & effort results in the best possible services/values for them. Let them track their delivery vehicle for a while, often till the shipment is delivered. Usually, the link automatically expires.

Share vehicle location; Let clients see your vehicle heading for delivery realtime..

Trip history at a glance..

Select a vehicle, choose a date and go to ‘Trips’ in History tab, you could get a quick overview on all the trips made; see when & where they stopped, for how long and follow the route, vehicles plied.

Share vehicle location; Let clients see your vehicle heading for delivery realtime

Other new useful features…

Fuel Utilization chart in ‘Analytics’ tab keep a track on how much you are spending on fuel a month. This feature helps you cut unnecessary usage, reduce fuel wastage and forecast fuel requirements.

  • 1. Get notified immediately in the event of unauthorized/forced entry into vehicle by someone.
  • 2. Multiple overstay alerts (termed as idle alert before) can now be set for vehicles.
  • 3. iButton emergency bypass button, for drivers to skip iButton usage in emergency situations.
  • 4. Consolidated distance covered included in trip reports.
  • 5. Ignition start/end times in vehicle popup on map.
  • 6. Drivers/device models can now be made a cumulative excel file for easy upload @ once.
  • 7. Multiple route-fences can be assigned to a vehicle.
  • 8. Create routes in Get Directions by including all your waypoints.
  • 9. Get alerted on device disconnection/reconnection, choose the alert threshold in ‘Administration’.
  • 10. Create a geofence & mark it as No go zone for your drivers/vehicles from MapView itself; makes it easier for you.
  • 11. New alert to know if your vehicle’s aircon is switched on while idling.
  • 12. Trip Schedule to have ‘Task’ scheduling for drivers/employees too.
  • 13. iButton configuration on ‘Management’ tab.
  • 14. Routefence alert based on entry/exit and by frequency (in trip schedule).
  • 15. Previously spot fencing alert was offered on entry/exit @ POI’s; now stoppage also included (if the vehicle stops for more than a specified time @ a POI).
  • 16. Alert on Low battery, battery disconnection & GPS signal loss.
  • 17. Options to enable/disable authorized driving/identification-only modes.