Add all your delivery locations on the map

Delivery points on the map

Mark company, customer offices, branches and generate detailed landmark history report with a timestamp of each exit or entry, to know if the stop was authorized or not.

Points of interest/Delivery points

Points of Interest (POIs) are useful places on a map.

Some examples include warehouses, distribution centers, delivery points, bus stops, student pickup/drop off points, service centers, labour camps, or whatever they are.

You can now plot all your business points/landmarks as Points of Interest (PoI’s).

You can even set alerts to notify you when a vehicle enters or leaves a point.

  • Add a new PoI using lat-long values.
  • Upload all PoIs by once.
  • Add vehicle’s current location as PoI on mobile device.
Add stop points as PoI’s

You may often find it hard to find the exact delivery points and mark them as PoIs on map.

The good news is that the vehicle tracking system automatically process historical data and suggests PoIs based on the stop points your vehicles made.

  • Delivery points or PoIs are colour coded to easily identify categories (e.g. red for school, blue for bus stops etc).
  • Define larger buffer range for PoIs (10m to 100m).
  • Mark unauthorized to enter locations as ‘No-go zones’.
  • Get alerts when vehicles arrive/leave/stop at Points of Interest/Landmarks.
Reports based on POI

Apart from the alerts you receive, AVLView lets you create and view various reports based on the Landmark/PoI marked on the map.
Advanced filter option lets you filter reports based on POI category also.

These informative reports help you analyse and Identify vehicle usage in different Landmarks and helps to have better control in assigning vehicles to different locations.

  • PoI to PoI.
  • Poi To Poi – Round Trip.
  • Poi Visit Summary.
  • Zone/POI based Vehicle Status.