How do I set up School bus alerts?

Parents can be notified on the School Bus approaching pick up/drop off points.

Alerts can be assigned from School Bus >> Student >> Edit 5WgRRmZXwpl2SdOURJrU1srSOPcwhnQhkGHgrs jVuV3poO4loC9glt0S2keUu870R7Z6c78H8vajSZc2U bhdq9XvU7Y8 jhlknPk0F0EEXotS1Qj6K465e5yg eJ5D8UK1PY3E

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In addition, those School Buses that are installed with RFID readers help Parents with more useful notifications when incidents like a Student fails to get on to the Bus, fails to get off the Bus etc.

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Important – If RFID is enabled, swipe details can be viewed in student time sheet as well.

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