How do I customize ignition settings for Ruptela device?

There are instances where you could not connect vehicle ignition lines to our GPS device digital inputs or need different parameters to determine ignition status. In scenarios like this, you can make use of a feature called custom ignition parameter in Ruptela devices.

Follow below steps to configure custom ignition parameter

Step 1: Connect your Ruptela device to configurator

Step 2: Select the COM port to which your device is connected.

Step 3: Click Connect.

Step 4: Choose Custom Engine and click the Customize button in the Data Collection section to open the Custom Ignition window.

Step 5: Select logical operator for the engine detection conditions in the Logic selection section.

Step 6: Select the parameters to be used. If Power supply voltage or/and GPS speed, RPM, Wheel based speed is selected, enter the threshold value(s).

Step 7:  If required, enable the Switch OFF delay in the Ignition state options section and set the period.


Step 8: Click IO events

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Step 9: Select a parameter slot. 

Step 10: Opt “Send I/O data with v1.1 protocol”

Step 11:  Select the Custom Ignition parameter. 

Step 12: Opt ‘Enable’ from IO properties

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Step 13: After selecting above parameters, you can upload the .cfg file to Ruptela device.