How do I create a PoI?

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PoI stands for Points of Interest. These are locations, typically business storefronts. A PoI could be a gas station, a hotel, a restaurant, a shopping mall, or a historical location.

Point of Interest specifies, at minimum, the latitude and longitude of the PoI, assuming a certain map datum. Every PoI will have a specific Latitude and Longitude.

PoI can be added in multiple ways. Example : Marking PoI in a known location and creating PoI from History.

Step 1: Login to AVlView application (

Step 2: Select “MapView” tab

Step 3: Enable “Show Right Pane

Step 4: Choose the required field by clicking on the icon as shown in below screenshot (Maximum fields allowed :5)

Step 5: Select  “Search Places” and type the location where you wish to mark a PoI, application will redirect the map to that location.

For example, if you wish to mark a PoI in “Dubai – United Arab Emirates” and currently the map is showing a location in “Sharjah – United Arab Emirates,Type “Dubai – United Arab Emirates”, below “Search Places” and Choose Dubai – United Arab Emirate from the listed drop down. (drop down list will get listed automatically if the typed location is saved in Google Maps)

Step 6: Select “Manage PoI/Zones” and Click “Create”

Step 7: Mark your PoI using any of the three options provided (Rectangle, Polygon, PoI)

Step 8: Name the PoI and choose category (from drop down or add new by clicking on “+”) and click “Save”.

** Adjust the Buffer (mtr) as required.

Creating PoI from History

Platform provides an easy option for the users to create PoI from History/completed trip simply by playing the vehicle history. This feature can be utilised if the user wish to create PoI in a route where vehicle frequently moves.

How to create PoI from History?

Step 1: Play History by selecting the desired date.

** Uncheck animate option.

Step 2: Right click next to any “STOP” or point on the route shown and select “Create Point of Interest (PoI)”

Step 3: Name the PoI and choose category (from drop down or add new by clicking on “+”) and click “Save”.

Please refer below article to learn how to sent an entry or exit alert for a PoI