Latest OneView Dashboard

The latest version offers you a new dashboard for personnel tracking that gives a clear understanding of your field employee status & activities.

OneView dashboard for quick overview on your field staff and their activities & status

Highlights include:

  • View active and inactive persons.
  • Mobile number and last updated time (with location).
  • Location tracking modes (Off, GPS Only, Battery Saving & High Accuracy).
  • Mobile battery level.
  • GPS/Network status.
  • No. of satellites available.
  • Speed at which he/she’s traveling.

You may also view the tasks and task activities as shown below.

Task digest for quick overview on your field staff activities' status
  • Task Digest gives you an understanding of the tasks count in each stage that you previously created on ‘Tasks’ tab.
  • Upcoming tasks with date, time and place.
  • Activities related to tasks, i.e., Changes or Updates done by user/field staff to any task.

New activities tab leads you to a quick overview of all the activities done by app users & field force team members.

Task activities on a popup for better understanding on field force team performance

Improvements to vehicle tracking system

Create filter using vehicle groups/types and list vehicles of your choice on MapView Live/History panel.

Filter vehicles based on Group or vehicle type from MapView

Other Improvements

  • New PoI Categories tab to manage PoI’s with ease.
  • Service Categories to streamline & manage your vehicle services. ie., you may name a category as ‘Engine Services’ and add all engine related services to the same.