Schedule trips via pre-planned routes

Organise delivery trips in advance, including all waypoints en-route and the time schedules they have to follow.

Pre-plan trips and deliver shipments on time

  • Schedule trips in advance
  • Detailed trip coverage

We needed a means for clients to find elements from existing websites that they’d like to see in their new project. Volley fit the bill.

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Pre-plan trips in advance

Pre-plan trips in advance

Assign your vehicles/personnel with a timetable for them to follow, view trip progress on map and get alerted if they violate the schedules.

  • Assign pre-planned routes to a trip schedule;
  • Add up to 24 waypoints in each trip schedule;
  • Trip schedules can be day/week based (e.g. Mon-Fri every week, Tue-Sat in every 2 weeks).

Create and assign instant trips

You may create instant daily trips for your vehicles on map, include all the client locations en-route and get estimated time of arrival.

Now you know the approximate time vehicles take to reach your client locations/project sites.

  • Assign route-fence from the previously created ones;
  • Add up to 24 waypoints in each trip schedule;
  • View trip progress on map with ETA;
  • Add trip costs and generate report on trip expenses.
Create and assign instant trips



No more late deliveries. You can now pre-schedule your trips and, if the vehicle violates scheduled times, you receive alerts via cell phone, email or pop up.

You may set below alerts in AVLView.

  • Early Arrival;
  • Late Arrival;
  • Early Departure;
  • Late Departure;
  • Excessive Stoppage;
  • Route deviation.

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