All new faster application

AVLView’s latest release ver 5.0.3

1. Improvements with ver 5.0.3

  • Performance optimization on all modules, as a result AVLView loads 3.8 secs faster.
  • Immobilize remotely over webapp (Ruptela GPS devices).
  • New report added on fuel efficiency; tells you how much liters of fuel was consumed to cover every 100Km.
  • Trip history to have triangulation data.
  • ‘Engine hours’ field added to Daily Summary Report.
  • Integration of provider API for sending SMS to the devices having M2M SIM(applicable for Singapore clients only).
GPS tracking system with real time fuel monitoring

2. Bug fixes

  • Mini popup made hidden while vehicles are clustered.
  • Resolved idling alert issues.
  • Resolved issues with printing (map) on Google Chrome browser.
  • ‘Select All’ option on MapView vehicle list to be based on vehicle status(Moving, Stopped, Idling, Out of network & Disconnected)