Not receiving alerts or reminders

I had set an alert for overspeed and a reminder for Insurance premium payment but did not receive any, please assist.

If you are not receiving alerts or reminders, please make sure viz.,

  • Your email and mobile number is verified;
  • And if an alert is generated on the web platform or mobile app.

How to verify email id and mobile number?

Step 1: Log in to your account;
Step 2: Click on your name on the top right corner of the screen to edit your profile;

Step 3: Click verify next to the email address, and the mobile number is shown. You will receive a verification code via email and mobile text message. Key in the code to verify your email and mobile number.

Why am I not receiving service reminders?

Step 1: For service reminders, check if the desired user is selected (you may verify this from Service & Maintenance >> Reminders >> Services);
Step 2: Make sure that the user’s email and mobile are verified;
Step 3: Check if desired alert mode is selected (mobile, email or pop-up).

Why am I not receiving renewal reminders?

Step 1: For Fleet Docs, Check if the “Valid up to” date and Remind “x” day(s) before the due date is correct.
Step 2: Check if the desired user is selected.

Why am I not receiving recurring expenses reminder?

Step 1: Check if “Mark this as a recurrent expense” option is selected while adding a new expense type.

Step 2: Make sure to set the frequency