Simple, low prices - plans designed for anyone who owns a vehicle or a fleet.

You get all these. 1. Robust GPS device  2. Year-long vehicle tracking subscription and 3. Excellent support.

US$0 per vehicle1
How many vehicles do you want to monitor?

Vehicle Tracking LITE

Teltonika FM1200 series

  • doneWaterproof GPS (IP67) Device
  • doneLifetime Warranty 1
  • done 3G/GPRS Data (12 Months) 3
  • doneEuropean Make
  • doneEmail/Mobile Notifications

Vehicle Tracking PRO

Teltonika FM1200 series

Include Features of Lite plus

  • doneFleet Analytics
  • doneTrip/Task Scheduler
  • doneService and Maintenance
  • doneNightly Summary Report
  • doneRemote Immobilization 1
  • doneDriver Scorecard
  • doneDriver Identification 2
  • doneSupport for Sensors 2
US$/vehicle from 2nd year onwards1

Vehicle Tracking PRO-B

Teltonika FM 5300/5500 series

Include Features of PRO plus

  • doneDigital Fuel Sensor 2
  • doneRFID Integration 2

This highend device is NOT waterproof

1. Includes Life-time warranty for the GPS device in valid contract. Local taxes and Installation fee extra. 2. Optional: Additional accessories required. 3. 3G/GPRS data plans inclusive (Only for Singapore, KSA & India). Others, please contact us.
Plan Comparison
GPS device (European make) Robust GPS tracking devices with least faulty rates. These devices can send high priority I/O events to backend servers, even in the absence of GPS signals, establishing a highly interactive communication over GPRS/3G & SMS. done done done
Waterproof (IP67) casing The device is certified with an IP67 rating, that means, it is fully protected from dust and can also withstand being submerged in 1m (about 3.3 feet) of static water for up to 30 min. These devices are designed to work in most environmental limitations, with an operational range between -35 degrees to +55 degrees. done done close
Lifetime warranty1 Guaranteed after sales service; all the above packages offer a lifetime warranty for those gps devices that are in a valid contract. The warranty will be considered void when you stop using AVLView services. done done done
Google Maps Premier API AVLView is a Software as a service (SaaS) deployed on Amazon cloud with least downtime and uses Google Maps Premier API; offers four different map modes Mapview, Satellite, Hybrid & Terrain views. done done done
Secure SSL encryption AVLView makes use of Secure Sockets Layer encryption to guarantee your data privacy. Ie., Information you send or get through the site is private. done done done
iOS & Android apps That’s right, get to know your vehicle’s location, driver activities and receive real time notifications on your mobile device. All you need is an iOS or Android mobile device with a GPRS/3G/4G connection. Limited features (LF) done done
Live GPS vehicle tracking Real time updates with a refresh rate of 20-30 seconds providing data on each vehicle’s exact location on the map. And not just timely, but accurate too. The screen is auto-refreshed so that you can follow your vehicle’s movement (in the form of directional arrows with route trail) on the map, including the street address. done done done
Historical data (6 months) You can fetch your vehicle’s tracking history anytime for up to 6 months, and get a complete picture of where your vehicles been to, where did they stop, for how long and what driving violations resulted in en-route. History can be viewed with or without animation, for a specific day or time and even with the help of a new timeline feature. done done done
Stop notifications on map Hovering your mouse over stop icons on route trails shows you where all your vehicles stopped, for how long and when exactly. An interesting fact is, AVLView lets you define what a stoppage is. Ie., if a vehicle has stopped with its ignition/engine switched off or when it stops somewhere for a given period regardless of the ignition/engine status. These stoppage data can be retrieved in report format too. done done done
Oneview Dashboard overview The difficulty with GPS vehicle tracking systems is having to browse multiple pages to find out the most relevant data that you need. Oneview Dashboard is where you get to know the most important fleet activities including its current location, speed, running status, driver information and much more. done done done
Points of Interests A Point of Interest or PoI is a particular point or a position that you may find interesting or useful in your field activities; project sites for the construction industry, school bus stops for schools, delivery points for on-field services, etc.

Plot your vital business points as Points of Interests on the map, so you get a detailed fleet activity history including the places visited, timestamps of each entry/exit point, time spent at each site and even a few reports with much more info that can be downloaded in both .xls and .pdf formats.
done done done
Share vehicle location Share your vehicle’s current location with anyone and the best thing, the recipients do not even need to have an AVLView account. It will help them track their shipment or may be service team’s progress for a particular period that you define.

Keeping your data privacy tight in mind, they could view nothing else, but just the vehicle on the map, that you share. And once done, you may keep/remove their email id from records, as you wish to.
done done done
Service & maintenance module Needless to say periodic vehicle maintenance is the key to a smooth and efficient running of your fleet, be it a car, bus or a heavy truck. And for this, you need to be reminded of periodic services (Oil change, Brake fluid top-up, etc.) or renewals (Insurance, road tax, fitness, etc.), that too on time, before it’s due. Service & Maintenance module also helps you keep a log on your operating expenses viz., fuel, service, driver wages, etc. done done done
Heatmap Heatmap in AVLView is a graphical representation of your vehicle’s moves count in a week’s period. Heatmap helps you identify the frequently traveled routes that could be considered as your hot zones where everyday activities are committed. The system classifies zones as least active/most vibrant with colors ranging from light green to red. done done done
Territorial geofence Virtual territorial fences you create on the map helps in restricting unauthorized usage of your vehicles. Multiple geo-fences can be created for a single vehicle, and these fences can be made active based on scheduled day/hours too.

In other words, you can call these territorial fences as work zones where you prefer your vehicles to stay within and work; you receive alerts via email/ mobile when vehicles cross their fences. You may create territorial fences in rectangular, circular and polygonal shapes depending on the geography you choose to work in.
done done done
Route fence Route fences are virtual routes that you set up and assign to vehicles for their tasks. As soon as the vehicle deviates from the given path, you receive alerts via email & mobile. AVLView lets you create route fences in multiple ways, most interestingly, you can make use of your vehicle’s historical data to save and assign a previously completed trip as route fence. close done done
Find nearby vehicles As the name implies, this feature lets you find nearby vehicles within a particular range of a PoI you created or a location on Google places. This helps you in speedy recovery of a broken down vehicle and the disruptions caused in delivery due to mishaps. The system lists all the vehicles within the specified range of either the PoI or a given location along with vehicle’s current position, distance to the point selected and time taken to reach the location. close done done
Vehicle tracking alerts ‘Alerts’ module notifies you immediately of unforeseen events occurred while fleet operations that require your attention. These notifications are received via mobile/email.

No. of alerts available varies depending on the plan you choose. Some alerts are purely based on sensor/accessory connectivity. Alerts can all be made active/inactive based on scheduled days/hours and sent to numerous sub users at a time.
Up to 20 40+ All PRO alerts +
Fuel & RFID alerts
Unlimited Email/Mobile notifications All vehicle tracking alerts generated due to driving violations or other disruptions/unforeseen circumstances are sent to users via mobile/email.

And, you could get unlimited notifications too, doesn’t matter with the no. of users or frequency set for alerts.
done done done
Vehicle tracking reports GPS tracking data turned into meaningful insights through 40+ reports. Highly informative, yet easy to understand formats offering you an overall understanding on trips, driving violations, fuel usage, fleet performance and more.

Most of the reports have got a spatial view, where you could see the events on the map, and all of them can be downloaded as .xls/.pdf. Reports can be generated on a custom basis, be it for a day, a week, month or more.
LF done done
Ad-hoc reports Customize and create vehicle tracking reports on your own from an array of templates. With AVLView ad hoc reports, you can make use of selected GPS tracking data, to get a specific question answered regarding your process.

Ie., Get reports generated with custom filters (E.g. Driver = John, Vehicle = Truck 01, Period = 7 days) to selected users.
LF done done
Nightly fleet summary report For those who do not have time to log in to the web app or iOS/Android apps for fleet management, let the information reach you. A detailed summary report (.xls format) that consists of anything & everything related to your fleet activities on a daily basis viz., activity summary, tracking alert count & descriptions, stoppages made, activity charts, etc., is sent to your email id every night. close done done
Driver performance scorecard A performance analysis scorecard that helps you identify the driving maneuvers of your staff. The driver scorecard rates their performance on a scale of 1-10 with the help of valuable on-field data over a period of time, where one (1) being the least and ten (10) the best.

Some of the parameters considered for analysis are distance traveled, time taken, speeding time, rash driving violations made while driving, seat belt violations, etc.
close done done
Fleet analytics Scope of improvement starts with hard valid data, that’s what fleet analytics module offers. It is a set of decisive fleet metrics that help you identify your vehicle usage to curb down operational losses on field. This includes vehicle utilization chart, comparison on ideal & actual usage of vehicles, analysis on distance covered, time taken & trips made etc. close done done
Trip scheduling & management Perhaps the most useful tool in AVLView for on-field services that helps you get things done on time, ‘Trip Schedule’ helps you create pre-planned schedules for your vehicles. Once created with a route & stoppages, you get notified on schedule violations by mobile/email.

You may also view the trip progress on map along with the ETA (Estimated time of arrival) at each stoppage.
close done done
Remote immobilization A highly volatile yet, a useful feature that helps you stop your vehicle remotely once misused/stolen. You can remotely immobilize either over web app or mobile app.

The feature, though tailored carefully considering all possible risks, is still classified as a risk bound feature in GPS tracking industry. Please be noted, changes may be required to your vehicle’s wiring structure/add a relay, and if your vehicle falls within the warranty period, this may be at stake too.
done done done
Driver identification/authorization A 1-wire protocol that makes use of a unique code to identify the drivers, each & every driver to be offered an iButton/RFID they must use to drive a vehicle.

AVLView offers 3 different modes to authorize drivers, 1. For identification only purpose, 2. Authorization mandatory (to drive vehicles) and 3. Restricted entry/usage.
close done done
RFID integration RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify the tags attached to objects. This could be an access permission card or a tiny device used for authorized entry or attendance marking.

AVLView makes use of RFIDs for a wide range of purposes, say, driver identification/authorization, staff attendance or even waste bin management.
close done done
Panic button Panic button can be used for alarming the admin/management with regards to an accident or driver misbehaviour or any unforeseen circumstances that turn out to put the life of driver/traveler at risk. close done done
Temperature monitoring Most suitable for FMCG trucks; monitor the temperature levels on freezers fitted-in/reefers. Avoid damage to easily perishable goods - frozen meat, desserts, medicinal drugs, etc. - and get alerted on events when there is a fluctuation in the temperature levels.

The feature lets you set temperature thresholds (lower & upper) for receiving alerts. Ie., Get alerted when the freezer temperature exceeds 4 degrees or goes below 0 degrees.
close done done
Proximity alert Notifies you via mobile/email when one of your vehicles is about to reach a point that you created on the map. close done done
API integration API or Application Program Interface is a code that lets you establish communication between 2 software applications mostly to make use of some vital data relevant to both the applications.

AVLView all-in-one GPS vehicle tracking platform offers 150+ API/Web Services allowing a seamless and smooth integration with other ERP/CRM. So, you don’t have to work on two different applications to make real quick decisions, but can rely on a single platform.
close done done
Digital fuel sensor integration Most suitable for trucks or vehicles with external fuel tanks. Digital fuel sensors can offer an accuracy of up to 95% in fuel consumption data. Equipping your vehicles with fuel sensor rods helps you identify the possible discrepancies in fuel usage and refilling.

You receive email/mobile notifications whenever there are refuel/drain and low fuel instance too.
close close done
Waste bin management Waste bin management system that works with RFID swipes; every time a waste bin is emptied by a garbage truck, PoI color on trip data changes, so you could know, how many times a waste bin was emptied on a daily basis.

This is done by equipping waste bin with passive RFID tags.
close close done
School bus/student mgmt. Real time school bus tracking system built to improve student transportation process and ensure student safety; student tracking works with RFID. School managements can receive school bus schedule violation alerts via mobile/email and iOS/Android apps for parents to track their kid’s trip progress live.

10+ alert notifications on both pickup and drop-off trips for parents; sent via mobile/email.
close close done
Staff transportation Info on staff RFID card swipes at project sites helps you identify the attendance at each point visited along with the time stamps. You also get to measure the time taken to complete the task at worksites by comparing the swipe time stamps. close close done
Common questions
  • How does it work?
    AVLView is a cloud based platform for automating fleet operation. It uses GPS/GPRS technologies to track and monitor vehicles, personnel, cargo using GPS devices.
  • Is AVLView, the right tool for my business?
    If you own vehicles or employ drivers, you should have a system in place to manage those vehicles and drivers, otherwise you will soon lose control. it's that simple. AVLView is built for fleet owners like you and is trusted by 400+ brands worldwide who chose AVLView for a reason.
  • I intend to choose Vehicle Tracking PRO plan and pay US$ 1 to track my vehicle. Do I need to pay US$ 1 every year?
    No, you don't have to pay US$ every year. The plan you chose includes the price for the device, AVLView professional version of the software for 12 months and SIM/GPRS data charges for 12 months. The price of the GPS device is a one time payment.
  • What happens after 12 months? What do I pay?
    If you wish to continue your service after the first year, AVLView will renew the service for another year at the price of US$ 2600/- for AVLView Professional version. This price includes Software subscription charges for 12 months + SIM/GPRS charges for 12 months.
  • What exactly do I get by paying US$ 119 1/- every year?
    The yearly subscription fee covers extended use of the cloud based software with regular updates and GPRS data charges for 12 months. This includes access to mobile app with full automation features and 24/7 access to our web-based portal.
  • Is my data private & secure?
    Your data is only used to provide the services you want, and you have full control over what is collected and how it is used. Our service uses best-in-class security infrastructure and meet most of the security compliances.
  • How large (or small) of a fleet does this support?
    Built as Software as a Service(SaaS), scalability is our core benefit, letting you add as many vehicles you want. Be it a single vehicle or 1000's, you will not experience slowness or instability using this system.
  • I have many vehicles. Do I pay per vehicle?
    Yes, correct. You need to choose a plan for each vehicle. A plan includes a GPS device (One time payment) + SIM card (12 months)3 + Web/mobile application (12 months).
  • Why do we pay annually for the cloud based software/service?
    • AVLView is a Software as a Service (Saas) delivered from Amazon cloud and is highly available 24/7.
    • We regularly update the software with easy to use features tailored to your business, the software takes care of your fleet operation and tells you the real story.
    • Your vehicle sends data every 20 secs to cloud server and this data is critical to your business. We keep this huge data safe up on cloud for 6 months for you to retrieve on demand.
    • The platform uses Google Maps Premier API, not the free google maps.
    • We maintain the servers & software infrastructure in view of the mission critical nature of the operation.
    There are several other factors too which account for running a complex platform like Please also note that we have a team of 49 members who made AVLView possible at this lowest price. We need to pay them too. The yearly software subscription is to ensure uninterrupted access to the software and extended use of the cloud based software with regular updates and GPRS data charges for another 12 months.
  • How do I get it installed in my vehicle?
    Usually our technician takes approximately 2 hours to set it up in a vehicle. You could as well get the GPS device installed by any automobile electrician in your locality. We would provide you with an install guide to help get it installed.
  • What's the difference between AVLView PRO & LITE?
    If you are looking for a simple GPS tracking system, go for LITE packed with basic features at a reasonable cost. But, to optimize your fleet operations by all means, PRO sounds the best option for you; see feature set below.
What our clients say...
Technical support is so prompt that they have responded quickly everytime we raised a concern. AVLView upgraded all our 2G devices to 3G free of cost. Custom ad-hoc reports help us take smart decisions quickly.

Lim Teo Lam, Soon Poh (Singapore)

Really great app to be totally honest. Incredibly user friendly and has all the features you can imagine, not to mention an EXCELLENT support team that is with you on standby for any request or inquiry.

Feras Alturaigi, Alyasra (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Great service, very fast & accurate tracking. Professional service, I always get requested information within minutes. I like it when I have control on the parameters.

Kevin Appiah (Mauritius)

I've been searching for a good platform for 4 years, finally got a full featured fleet automation solution. Good job guys. All useful features with incredibly easy to use Mobile apps.

Jack Tom (Kenya)