100s of fleet owners chose AVLView vehicle tracking for a reason...

Vehicle Tracking LITE

FM Series + SIM Card 5 + LITE
AVLView FM Eco4 - B
  • doneWaterproof GPS (IP67) Device
  • doneLifetime Warranty 1
  • done3G/GPRS Data for 12 Months
  • doneEuropean Make
  • doneEmail/Mobile Notifications
US$ 269 1 Only.
(US$ 2051/year from 2nd year onwards)

Vehicle Tracking PRO

FM Series + SIM Card 5 + PRO
AVLView FM Eco4 - B

Include Features of LITE plus

  • doneFleet Analytics
  • doneTrip/Task Scheduler
  • doneService and Maintenance
  • doneNightly Summary Report
  • doneRemote Immobilization 1
  • doneDriver Scorecard
  • doneDriver Identification 2
  • doneSupport for Sensors 2
US$ 299 1 Only.
(US$ 2231/year from 2nd year onwards)

Vehicle Tracking PRO-B

FM Advanced + SIM Card 5 + PRO-B
AVLView FM 5300/5500 series

Include Features of PRO plus

  • doneDigital Fuel Sensor
  • doneRFID Integration 2

This highend device is NOT waterproof

US$ 3791 Only.
(US$ 2231/year from 2nd year onwards)

What our clients say...

Read how fleet automation helped achieve results for these clients. You too can.
Is AVLView, the right tool for my business?

If you own vehicles or employ drivers, you should have a system in place to manage those vehicles and drivers, otherwise you will soon lose control. it's that simple. AVLView is built for fleet owners like you and is trusted by 400+ brands worldwide who chose AVLView for a reason.

  • How does it work?

    AVLView is a cloud based platform for automating fleet operation. It uses GPS/GPRS technologies to track and monitor vehicles, personnel, cargo using GPS devices.

  • I intend to choose Vehicle Tracking PRO plan and pay US$ 299 1 to track my vehicle. Do I need to pay US$299 1 every year?

    No, you don't have to pay US$ 299 every year. The plan you chose includes the price for the device, AVLView professional version of the software for 12 months and SIM/GPRS data charges for 12 months. The price of the GPS device is a one time payment.

  • What happens after 12 months? What do I pay?

    If you wish to continue your service after the first year, AVLView will renew the service for another year at the price of US$ 223 1 for AVLView Professional version. This price includes Software subscription charges for 12 months + SIM/GPRS charges for 12 months.

  • What exactly do I get by paying US$ 223 1/- every year?

    The yearly subscription fee covers extended use of the cloud based software with regular updates and GPRS data charges for 12 months. This includes access to mobile app with full automation features and 24/7 access to our web-based portal.

  • Is my data private & secure?

    Your data is only used to provide the services you want, and you have full control over what is collected and how it is used. Our service uses best-in-class security infrastructure and meet most of the security compliances.

  • How large (or small) of a fleet does this support?

    Built as Software as a Service(SaaS), scalability is our core benefit, letting you add as many vehicles you want. Be it a single vehicle or 1000's, you will not experience slowness or instability using this system.

  • I have many vehicles. Do I pay per vehicle?

    Yes, correct. You need to choose a plan for each vehicle. A plan includes a GPS device (One time payment) + SIM card (12 months)3 + Web/mobile application (12 months).

  • Why do we pay annually for the cloud based software/service?
    • AVLView is a Software as a Service (Saas) delivered from Amazon cloud and is highly available 24/7.
    • We regularly update the software with easy to use features tailored to your business, the software takes care of your fleet operation and tells you the real story.
    • Your vehicle sends data every 20 secs to cloud server and this data is critical to your business. We keep this huge data safe up on cloud for 6 months for you to retrieve on demand.
    • The platform uses Google Maps Premier API, not the free google maps.
    • We maintain the servers & software infrastructure in view of the mission critical nature of the operation.

    There are several other factors too which account for running a complex platform like AVLView.com. Please also note that we have a team of 49 members who made AVLView possible at this lowest price. We need to pay them too. The yearly software subscription is to ensure uninterrupted access to the software and extended use of the cloud based software with regular updates and GPRS data charges for another 12 months.

  • How do I get it installed in my vehicle?

    Usually our technician takes approximately 2 hours to set it up in a vehicle. You could as well get the GPS device installed by any automobile electrician in your locality. We would provide you with an install guide to help get it installed.

  • What's the difference between AVLView PRO & LITE?

    If you are looking for a simple GPS tracking system, go for LITE packed with basic features at a reasonable cost. But, to optimize your fleet operations by all means, PRO sounds the best option for you; see feature set below.

Powerful set of features
  • Branding (Logo, theme etc.)
    Customize to suit your uniqueness
  • Device Independent Platform
    Support low cost, high quality devices
  • Cloud Based Platform
    Deployed on Amazon Cloud
  • SAAS (Software as a Service)
    Customised to suit individual uniqueness
  • Google Maps API Premier
    Licensed for commercial use
  • Secure SSL Encryption
    256-bit of SSL encryption
  • OneView Dashboard
    sOverall view to keep track of assets
  • One Platform for all your assets
    Consolidated display to track assets
  • Service & Maintenance
    Get notified on services due
  • Intelligent, Innovative Reporting
    Transparency drives performance
  • Heatmap
    Overview on a week's history
  • Nightly Summary Report Pro
    Reports delivered to your inbox overnight
  • Find Nearby Vehicles
    Displays all vehicles within an area
  • 2-Way Messaging 4 Pro
    Helps support smooth operation
  • Auto Dispatch System 4 Pro
    Deliver happiness to your clients
  • Analytics (Intelligence)Pro
    Visualize, helps make sense of your data
  • Driver score card Pro
    Ensure safety, enhance productivity
  • Trips/Tasks Management Pro
    Time-based schedules for vehicles/drivers
  • Cell Coverage with Triangulation
    Locate assets even on a cloudy day
  • Integration API Pro
    Powerful REST-based API
  • Temperature Readings 4 Pro
    Helps check temp conditions on the deck
  • Dedicated Support Team
    We believe good service really matter
  • Reputation management Pro
    Acquire new contracts, enhance value
  • Stop notifications
    Stoppage points shown on map
  • Proximity Alert Pro
    Notifies you on proximity of your point
  • Mobile App
    Track your vehicles on the go
  • Real time updates
    Position updates in 5-10 seconds
  • Incident/Event Notifications
    Instant alerts by SMS/Email/Twitter
  • Driver Identification 4
    1 wire protocol/RFID authorization
  • Voice Surveillance 4 Pro
    Listen to in-vehicle conversation
  • Charts & Reports
    Asset-wise/consolidated information
  • Fuel theft/fraud protection Pro
    Real-time fuel level detection
  • History
    Available for upto 6 months
  • User Hierarchy
    Create subusers & divide tasks
  • Theft Protection
    Anti theft measures to guard your vehicle
  • Points of Interest
    Delivery points/warehouses on map
  • Geo-fences
    Restrict private usage of company vehicles
  • Remote Immobilization Pro
    Regain control on stolen vehicle
  • Panic Button 4 Pro
    Support call option for Driver/Passenger

1) Local taxes, installation charges extra; Lifelong warranty for units in contract.

2) Additional accessories required.

3) The above rate applies to countries where AVLView has operations.

4) Dependent on device type. In addition, accessories to be bought separately.

5) 3G/GPRS data plans inclusive (Only for Singapore, KSA & India). Others, please contact us.