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Mobile apps GPS vehicle racking
Monitor your vehicles live

Mobile apps: GPS vehicle tracking on the go

Regain complete control over your fleet by monitoring your assets every inch of the way. Know when they stop, where, and for how long.

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Gps live tracking
Automatic vehicle location (AVL)

Live GPS locator

The location data from the truck GPS is refreshed every 10-20 seconds providing the vehicle's exact position on Google map.

Live GPS vehicle tracking
"The display is intuitive to use with arrows on the map showing the route that the vehicle takes".
Galvin Lian
Galvin Lian, Directer
Connect4car Pte Ltd., Singapore.
Create fleet reports
GPS Tracking report

Create fleet reports on the fly (Ad Hoc)

As a result, you get up-to-the-minute insights into data that a typically scheduled report can not provide.

Create vehicle tracking reports
"We found that the support team is always with us for any guidance/ clarification on the extension modules".
M. P. Chandrasekharan, Logistics
Josco Group, India.
Get notified events
Text notifications

Get notified of vehicle entry or exit

You get notified as and when your vehicles reach or leave the offices or warehouses. Generate a detailed vehicle transit report with a timestamp of each exit or entry to know if the stop was authorized or not.

Create Alerts or Notifications
"Since the implementation of the GPS tracking system, I have better control on my fleet and I saved on my fuel consumption and overtime costs".
Mr Frederick Madoo
Mr Frederick Madoo
Gourmet Emporium, Mauritius

#1 Fleet Automation tool

It is an all-in-one Fleet Automation System; built to cut fleet operational costs

fleet operational dashboard
01 / 06
Fleet overview at a glance

Operations and services dashboard

The one-view dashboard keeps you up-to-date on operational metrics such as real-time status, fleet performance, and services maintenance, letting you make proactive decisions.

  • 01 Dashboard
  • 02 Mapview
  • 03 Periodic services
  • 04 Notifications
  • 05 Report
  • 06 Settings
Vehicle movement on the map

View Live Vehicle Movement or Replay

Vehicle movements are plotted on the map with the help of real-time data streams. New location data is processed every few seconds for the most accurate movement on the map.

  • 01 Dashboard
  • 02 Mapview
  • 03 Periodic services
  • 04 Notifications
  • 05 Report
  • 06 Settings
Vehicle maintenance overview

Benefits of fleet maintenance

AVLView fleet maintenance program focuses on preventive maintenance and serves to lower the cost of repair. Just like you shouldn’t neglect to change your car’s engine oil, you shouldn’t neglect your fleet either.

  • 01 Dashboard
  • 02 Mapview
  • 03 Periodic services
  • 04 Notifications
  • 05 Report
  • 06 Settings
Get notified on the go

Configure custom alerts or notifications

Whether it’s a scheduling failure, theft attempt, deviation from the route, or speeding, you can rest easy and focus on your business, safe with the knowledge that when something goes wrong, you are notified.

  • 01 Dashboard
  • 02 Mapview
  • 03 Periodic services
  • 04 Notifications
  • 05 Report
  • 06 Settings
Have it all e-logged

Understand the flaws & loopholes

Decision making has never been so easy! No more sifting through statistics-dense documents because now AVLView’s easy-to-make GPS tracking reports and charts do the sorting for you.

  • 01 Dashboard
  • 02 Mapview
  • 03 Periodic services
  • 04 Notifications
  • 05 Report
  • 06 Settings
Set up or configuration choices

Tweak settings the way you want

Although the platform works well for you right away, it has some convenient ways to adjust the experience. The platform is developed to function the way most people expect.

  • 01 Dashboard
  • 02 Mapview
  • 03 Periodic services
  • 04 Notifications
  • 05 Report
  • 06 Settings
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Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahman Energy Control Tech
Saudi Arabia.

The user interface is simple and easy to use. The platform is intuitive, and the reports provided are comprehensive.

Group 40
Fergal Walsh

Fergal Walsh Rezayat Sparrow Arabian Crane Hire Co Ltd.

We did extensive research and evaluated many vehicle tracking systems before choosing AVLView.

Group 40

Is AVLView the right tool for my business?

If you own vehicles or employ drivers, you should have software to manage those vehicles and drivers; otherwise, you will soon lose control. It's that simple!

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The software works along with a GPS vehicle tracking device installed in a vehicle. The device sends location + other data updates to cloud servers every few seconds. The software then parses the data, process it and present you with actionable operational data.
AVLView is a highly available software as a service delivered from the cloud. We regularly update the software with easy to use features tailored to your business; the software takes care of your fleet operation and tells you the real story.
Scalability is its core benefit, letting you add as many vehicles as you want. Be it a single vehicle or 1000's of vehicles; you will not experience slowness or instability using this system.
Take note of these three essential elements while choosing the exemplary GPS vehicle tracking service; 1) A well-developed vehicle tracking software; 2. Robust GPS vehicle tracking device; & 3. An excellent customer service staff.

You would AVLView

It puts you in control, and you focus on what matters
to you the most; Growing Your Business.