• Fleet Automation is the key to regain control

    Automating fleet with our GPS vehicle tracking system is the best way to manage your vehicles and drivers, allowing you to cut operational losses !!

  • Let AVLView track your vehicles on your behalf

    Excel sheets & scribbled paper notes are things of the past with our GPS vehicle tracking system that helps you manage your fleet more efficiently.

  • #1 Fleet Automation tool; it's more than just GPS tracking

    We help turn 13 hidden costs into realized savings; we're not the types who woo you, make a sale & then disappear. Automation produce RESULTS !!

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    Build & maintain your company's reputation with consistent dispatch that is so crucial in running an effective & efficient supply chain operation.

  • Track delivery points & achieve sales goals with ease

    You need answers in REAL TIME. Monitor your fleet live anywhere, anytime with an easy to use, low cost & powerful system.

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Discover the profits that lie hidden in your fleet of vehicles
The ONLY all-in-one Fleet Automation System built to cut fleet operational costs.

AVLView Snippets Why you'll love AVLView

Whether you are looking for a car tracker GPS system for your dispatch vehicles or a school bus tracking system to ensure faster, more efficient service, AVLView is the perfect tool for you. The system is designed to meet your every need, fully customizable, it monitors & tracks your entire operations automatically, leaving you free to focus on your business growth strategy.

Easy to use, highly intuitive

With its intuitive user interface, AVLView vehicle tracking is an easy to use & powerful system painstakingly designed to give you a complete range of services in a simple, sleek package.

Choose a GPS vehicle tracker that best suits your needs

Pick from simple, low cost GPS devices to high quality, cutting edge ones without having to chain yourself to a long term commitment with a single GPS device vendor.

Budget friendly vehicle tracking

Not only is AVLView packed with a comprehensive range of powerful features, it's also competitively priced; perfect for the budget conscious business owner.

Fleet operation on auto pilot

Not only do you get increased efficiency, you also get better working conditions, safety & overall productivity. Let AVLView track your fleet while you focus on what matters: Your Business !!

What you will get in one platform...