Tips to help you save fuel in driving

Be aware of the best tips to save fuel. If your business is service related, say tours & travels or logistics or transportation, with the fuel prices hiking up on a day to day basis, to remain in the business, you need to stay focused on cutting the fuel expenses down. You could do that by not driving the vehicle, but obviously that’s not what you are looking for. Have a glance at the tips given below, which might help you to save a few pennies everyday. With an organized fleet management, you could save upto 15% every month.

Things to be taken care of:

Tips to help you save fuel in driving
Brake the right way: Through unnecessary & harsh breaking, you are losing all the power that you gained while driving. Avoiding this power loss to friction, you can save from 10-20% on fuel every month.

Manage the air resistance: Driving with windows open in lower speeds and driving with A/C switched on at higher speeds is the best for fuel economy.

Air filters: Replace your air filters at right times. Blocked air filters can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%.

Combine trips: Try to club pickup/delivery destinations as possible to save fuel.

Drive in Higher gears: Drive on the highest possible gear when you can. Driving in lower gears @ high speed consumes more fuel.

Maintain your tyres properly inflated, rotated and replaced: Running on poorly maintained tyres can cost upto 5% more on fuel consumption.

Check air occupancy in tyres once in every 15-30 days: Optimum air pressure on tyres save up to 8% fuel.

Keep your car tuned: Ensure to properly tune fuel flow. Doing so periodically can save your fuel costs by 10%, helps in reducing atmospheric pollution too.

Tips to help you save fuel in driving
Do overall check up & service at least once a year: Poorly maintained on various mechanical devices included in the vehicle can increase fuel consumption.

Long idle times with the engine switched on: Upto 4 ltrs of fuel is burned when an engine idles for approximately 1 hour(900 RPM).

Over speeding consumes more fuel: For every km above 100km/hr, fuel loss is nearly 1% for each km/hr increase in the speedometer.

Unnecessary goods: Every 45kg (100lbs) of extra weight (than specified for the vehicle) can increase your fuel consumption by 1%.

Air-condition Usage: Using A/C in heavy traffic areas (stop & go) can increase fuel consumption by up to 12%.

Being a bit more careful in driving can save you an amount that’s worth a considerable percentage of the money you spend a month on vehicles.