Customized vehicle groups for your business needs..

Manage vehicles and users

AVLView’s powerful role-based permission system makes it easy to define the access level for each user on your account. Create unlimited vehicle tracking application users and vehicle groups, manage fleet management tasks with ease of usage.

Add vehicle groups

AVLView’s intuitive user interface provides powerful features like group-wise access without the need for multiple accounts.

This feature allows the user to organize fleet by creating a Group of vehicles (eg: Sales) which share characteristics, or which will be used by a specific group of individuals.

Grouping vehicles in this way makes it easier to control usage, so your fleet management would be a breeze.

  • Create multiple vehicle groups;
  • Color coding of groups for easier identification;
  • Generate GPS tracking reports based on groups;
  • Assign vehicle groups to multiple users.
Add vehicle groups
Manage drivers
Manage drivers

Unauthorised driving has always been a problem faced by Fleet owners and AVLView provides you a solution for this.

The most advanced feature in AVLView lets you restrict vehicle usage by means of Ibutton. Ibutton modes can be set as

  • Identification only;
  • Mandatory;
  • Restricted.
Manage drivers