Are you looking for a quick and easy way to optimise the process of fleet management, right from loading the goods from your factory till it reaches the point of distribution?

AVLView’s GPS tracking system for FMCG industry makes your life pretty easy by automating the process of fleet management and ensuring on-time delivery of goods.

FMCG - Easy to plan, Monitor
Easy to plan, Monitor

You would be really struggling to deliver the goods to multiple distributors spread across various locations.

AVLView application lets you free of all these worries by planning trips in the most efficient way possible.


  • View the locations of all your distribution outlets in AVLView route maps and plan the trips accordingly.
  • Real-time location, date, time and driver details of all vehicles can be viewed as well.
  • Share live vehicle location to distributors, they don’t have to make repeated calls enquiring about the current location of the consignment.
  • Both web and mobile interface and receive alerts via SMS, push notifications and pop-ups.
Tweak your plans,
meet ad hoc requests

As part of day-to-day business requirements, you might have come across ad hoc requests raised by distributors to replenish the existing stock of goods.

With AVLView’s fleet automation software it’s pretty easy to tweak your plans and serve dealer requests in no time.


  • You can group vehicles on the basis of regions, drivers or vehicle type.
  • Spot out vehicles plying in nearby locations.
  • Instant trips can be scheduled to meet requests raised at short notice.
FMCG - Tweak your plans, meet ad hoc requests
Save time, Money
Save time, Money

Your productive time might be wasted due to excessive stoppages in unwanted locations. AVLView’s GPS tracking system for FMCG industry resolves this issue as well.


  • Mark your factory location in route map and track the exact time of entry and exit of the trucks.
  • You can specify stoppage time for vehicles at various distribution outlets.
  • If the trucks stay in a particular spot for more than the specified time, get alerted via push notifications,SMS and web pop-ups.
  • Time wasted on unwanted stoppages can be utilised for additional trips.
Save time, Money
Manage your crew easily,
increase efficiency

It might be a real challenge for you to gauge the performance of sales executives. With AVLView it’s quite easy to measure and compare their performance.


  • Plot the various dealer outlets to be visited by sales executives in AVL View route map.
  • Monitor the number of outlets visited by each executive.
  • The delivery points missed can easily be tracked.
  • Evaluate the performance of sales executives based on the number of outlets covered and recognize top performers.
Manage your crew easily, increase efficiency
No more spoilage, scope for improvement
No more spoilage,
scope for improvement

If you are in the business of cold beverages, ice creams and other perishable products, it’s quite a necessity to track the temperature of the products transported in refrigerated vans.


  • Based on the type of food product transported, you can specify the temperature threshold.
  • As soon as the temperature crosses the specified threshold you will be alerted.
  • Diagnose and fix issues associated with cooling equipment.
  • Improve quality levels and serve customers better.
No more spoilage, scope for improvement
Track expenses,

In the wake of skyrocketing fuel prices, AVLView’s fleet management software helps you to keep track of your fuel expenses and reminds you on timely vehicle maintenance.


  • Get insights on cost per km, total fuel expenses incurred and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Timely reminders on maintenance work of vehicles.
  • Due dates of Insurance payments, tax payments etc will be reminded well in advance.
  • The imposition of fines due to delay in tax and insurance payments can be avoided.
Track expenses, maintenance
Customize reports, Restrict access
Customize reports, Restrict access

With AVLView’s fleet management software, it’s quite easy to get insights on various parameters such as mileage, kilometres run, routes visited, trips run etc. via live reports.


  • Schedule reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and subscribe to it.
  • Customise and create ad-hoc reports as per your requirement.
  • Access to important reports can be restricted to key employees.
  • Based on the scope of work,you can create various roles for employees.
Customize reports, Restrict access
fleet utilisation, reduced wear and tear

AVLView’s GPS tracking system for FMCG industry is designed in such a way that all the vehicles are utilised to the optimum level.


  • Specify the kilometres or hours to be run for each vehicle to meet the ideal usage levels.
  • Charts and graphs provides insights on levels of utilisation.
  • Underutilised vehicles can be utilised to the maximum levels thereby increasing efficiency.
  • Wear and tear due to the excessive usage can be brought to an end.
fleet utilisation, reduced wear and tear
Limit unauthorised usage, stay away from theft
Limit unauthorised usage,
stay away from theft

Your drivers might tend to misuse your vehicles by ferrying goods for third parties during out of business hours. AVLView helps you to curb such unauthorised usages.


  • The business hours for vehicles can be specified according to your choice.
  • You will be alerted as soon as the vehicles run during out of business hours.
  • Driver identification using RFID and ibutton feature to restrict unauthorised usage.
  • You can immobilize your vehicle in case of theft or unauthorised vehicle usage.
Limit unauthorised usage, stay away from theft

EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCEWhen you really want to grow your business manifold, you need to explore the potential of the cost optimisation benefits offered by AVLView’s fleet automation platform. It’s the experience that makes us stand apart.

Now, they are happier than ever…A partial list of our awesome clients who are convinced of the value.

Now, they are happier than ever
Now, they are happier than ever