When you are in the business of emergency services such as hospitals and ambulance services, fire truck services etc., even a small delay in decision making can cost a human life.

In such critical situations, AVLView’s GPS tracking system for ambulances and fire trucks serves you with the most important factor you are desperately looking for – Timely information.

Track live information, share instantly
Track live information,
share instantly

Since you cannot afford to lose time, what matters is how quick you are at assigning vehicles to the patients who are anxiously waiting for your service to reach their location.

With AVLView it’s pretty easy to execute your plans, that too in no time.


  • Easy to navigate web interface as well as mobile application, both iOS and Android versions.
  • View all emergency locations in AVLView route map, mark the points and plan your trips.
  • Track the real-time location, time and driver details of all vehicles in the route map.
  • Share the current vehicle location to the customers waiting at the emergency location.
Be emergency ready,
quickly change your plans

Being in the business of emergency services, you might be receiving many such calls that comes at very short notice and you need to be flexible enough to tweak your plans.

AVLView’s GPS tracking system for ambulances lets you serve any emergency requests.


  • Group your vehicles according to region, vehicle type.
  • Using the instant trip feature, you can plan any ad hoc emergency requests.
  • You can view the vehicles plying in closeby locations.
  • Call up the driver nearby to the emergency location and assign the task.
Be emergency ready, quickly change your plans
Be alerted, cut down wastage of time
Be alerted,
cut down wastage of time

As every second matters in the business of emergency services, you need to be quite vigilant about wastage of time.

AVLView’s fleet automation platform relieves you of all the worries associated with unduly delays by alerting you on time.


  • Be alerted via push notifications, SMS and emails.
  • Monitor the exact time when the vehicle entered or exited the hospital/office or any other spot.
  • Proximity alert to notify you when the vehicle is about to approach the location of incident.
  • Receive alerts as and when the vehicle stays in a particular location for more than a specified time.
Be alerted, cut down wastage of time
No more spoilage of medicines

Expensive pharmaceutical drugs transported in refrigerators and freezers of ambulances lose their efficacy due to temperature fluctuations.

AVLView’s temperature sensors helps you to effectively keep a tab on variations in temperature levels of medicines.


  • Set the temperature levels according to the degrees prescribed for various medicines.
  • Get alerted on temperature variations immediately.
  • No more monetary losses due to medicines losing efficacy and becoming ineffective.
No more spoilage of medicines
Reduced breakdowns, track expenses
Reduced breakdowns, track expenses

It will cost you dearly when your ambulance meets with a breakdown and failed to reach the location of a patient who is in sinking stage, requiring immediate attention.

With AVLView’s GPS tracking system for ambulances, you don’t have to worry anymore about the lapse in service.


  • Reminders on periodic maintenance including vehicle servicing, tyre change, oil change, etc.
  • Timely reminders on insurance payments, tax payments , fitness, pollution tests etc.
  • Keep track of fuel expenses, the amount spent on services and other miscellaneous expenses.
Reduced breakdowns, track expenses
Easy report generation

Though your vehicles ply all day through different routes, you might be lacking sufficient insights for decision making to optimise your business.

You have all the details readily available in AVLView’s application’s reports section.


  • Various parameters such as locations covered, distance travelled etc.can be viewed in a single screen.
  • Schedule and receive offline reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Historical reports of up to past one year can be retrieved in no time.
Easy report generation

EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCEWhen you really want to grow your business manifold, you need to explore the potential of the cost optimisation benefits offered by AVLView’s fleet automation platform. It’s the experience that makes us stand apart.

Now, they are happier than ever…A partial list of our awesome clients who are convinced of the value.

Now, they are happier than ever
Now, they are happier than ever