Monitor and analyse fleet usage. Measure what matters..

Better fleet management begins with better measurement. There are dozens, if not hundreds of fleet metrics that can provide insight into operational performance.

Cutting through all the chaff to determine the most insightful fleet metrics can be quite a challenge. But it is important to have the right set of metrics that can give fleet owners the critical feedback on whether fleet operational initiatives are achieving the desired objective.


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Analyse vehicle utilisation

Our utilisation charts and reports enable you to assign work to drivers properly, achieve more with fewer drivers and avoid excessive spending. Sensible, real-time information on your vehicles’ performance lets you make smart decisions for fleet automation in a swift manner.

  • Vehicle utilisation chart
  • Compare ideal vs actual usage of your vehicles
  • Analysis on distance travelled, hours plied & trips made
  • Data that helps rein in operational costs

Identify fleet usage using analysis with vehicle

Monitor and analyse driver's on-road performance with real time GPS tracking data

Analyse driver performance

Reckless & irresponsible drivers are the most serious pain for any company that runs a fleet for their services. An in-depth analysis of fleet data hold them accountable and helps you identify/address issues before they cost you dearly.

The driver scorecard rates drivers on a scale of 1-10 based on their driving performance over a period of time.

Parameters considered for this review are:

  • Distance covered, time taken, speeding duration & idling in trips
  • AC Misuse, sudden acceleration, harsh braking & cornering
  • Accidents occurred, seatbelt violation