Concerned about your Kids’ Safety?
Here is the solution for you – AVLView School Bus Tracking System…

School bus accidents and child abduction reports are now on the rise, one way that might help to avoid incidents such as these in the future is with AVLView school bus tracking system.

School bus tracking system ensures your students are safely picked up & dropped off in school bus trips. Parents can track their trip progress in real-time
AVLView School bus module

AVLView School bus module offers a lot of benefits for the school system and parents of the children who ride the bus.

  • Precise location tracking;
  • Monitor your vehicles 24/7;
  • Know when they stop, where, and for how long;
  • Live Location updates in every 20 seconds;
  • IOS and Android apps available;
  • Playback history and replay to analyse past vehicle movement;
  • Be aware of ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival);
  • Manage student attendance using RFID swipes;
  • Receive Alerts/Notifications.
AVLView School Bus Tracking System module
School Bus Monitoring
School Bus Monitoring

All users with valid login credentials (sub-users) can monitor the vehicles via mobile app, but with visibility limited to the assigned vehicle groups.

  • Advanced scheduling and routing method;
  • Student timesheet report with Real time updates on student RFID swipes;
  • Identify students’ status on pick up/drop off trips with continuous location updates;
  • Get notified if a student fails to get on the bus and let you know;
  • Panic/SOS buzzer for quick notification on accidents.
School Bus Monitoring

As parents, you receive Immediate notifications on school bus trip progress and kids’ RFID swipes.

You apparently get to know when the bus leaves school, about to reach for pick-up and drop-off and with RFID swipes.

You even get notified when your child boards/leaves school bus at a stop.

  • Receive Rash driving alerts;
  • Alerts for parents via Email, text and/or mobile notifications;
  • Alerts parent and school of any unusual activity.
View Tracks (history)
View Tracks (history)

With Track playback, know where all your vehicles been to, stoppages made, route and time taken, violations made, etc.

  • View Historical tracks;
  • Create routes with waypoints based on the past tracks;
  • Create route-fences from historical data and optimize vehicle routes.
View Tracks (history)
Student RFID

Student who swipes while boarding or exiting the bus ensure his/her attendance with location updates on real-time, guaranteeing peace of mind for parents and school authorities.

  • View attendance details based on RFID swipes;
  • Optimize school bus schedules and routes;
  • Track school bus locations;
  • Receive instant alerts.
Student RFID
Panic button
Panic button

Passengers and drivers could make use of panic button/SOS buzzer fitted in an easily approachable locations.

  • Notify office/control centers immediately on emergency circumstances;
  • Once pressed, emergency/panic button initiates an alarm to the app users;
  • Helps them kick off recovery and emergency processes without delays.
Panic button
Scheduling a Trip

Schedule, Manage, and Analyse Trips to Securely Transport Kids from Home => to School => back Home.

  • Create pre-scheduled trips for school buses with routes;
  • Mark student pick-up/drop-off points as waypoints;
  • Receive notifications (mobile/email) on schedule violations (Early/Late arrival and Departure, route deviations, Excessive stoppage etc.);
  • Import student data (grade, class, division etc.);
  • Trip-view on map (route and stoppage points (Student pick-up/drop off);
  • Define active hours for parents for active usage;
  • Student timesheet report with real time updates on active trip. i.e., As soon as a student swipes RFID card;
  • Option to mark if a student as present.
Scheduling a Trip
Available notifications - School Bus Tracking System
Available notifications

This helps the child’s parents understand that there is a problem in real time and make the necessary arrangements to correct it.

  • When the child gets on the wrong bus;
  • Doesn’t get on the bus or gets off at the wrong stop;
  • Bus is on the way for pick-up;
  • Bus is approaching pick-up point;
  • Child has been picked up safely;
  • Child doesn’t board/boards an incorrect bus;
  • Child boards bus from wrong stop;
  • Bus is close to the drop-off location;
  • Child doesn’t get off the bus;
  • Child gets off at the wrong stop.
Available notifications - School Bus Tracking System
Optimize school bus transport process

For schools, the bus tracking system helps them make good, informed decisions about drivers and routes.

This GPS system helps the school set up routes that make the most sense based on time and fuel consumption.

  • Help pinpoint unsafe or borderline bus drivers;
  • Set up a notification system for a drivers’ reckless driving;
  • Identify any problematic drivers and replace them before a tragic accident occurs.
Optimize school bus transport process - School Bus Tracking System
School Bus Tracking System app
School Bus app

Track your kids’ trip progress on the go, wherever you’re, with School Bus app.

  • Know the current location of school bus;
  • Stay informed on trip progress;
  • Estimated time of arrival at pick up/drop off point (e.g. Delayed by 10 minutes);
  • Contact Driver’ option for immediate assistance.

Be vigilant and make use of all the available features in School bus module/App. End of the day, Kids safety is our utmost priority.

School Bus Tracking System app