Integrate with your business software

API to Integrate

AVLView draws in a vast collection of data including drivers’ stamp in and out times, trip reports, stoppage reports etc. This information could be vital for you in your daily business operations.

3rd party apps integration

We believe API form the backbone of modern connectivity and its an invaluable way to create and maintain long-term, profitable business relationships.

  • Integrate with over 150+ API/Web Services;
  • Helps in providing the key data-sharing link among disparate applications;
  • Allows usage of single interface for two applications;
  • Can be integrated with your existing ERP or CRM;
  • Seamless and smooth integration with other applications;
  • Scope for automation;
  • Better user experience.
API to Integrate

Get GPS tracking data to your custom software with 150+ API/web services from AVLView. Integrate your own GPS tracking device to AVLView and reduce costs.