Top 9 things to know before buying a GPS vehicle tracking system

Top 9 things to know before buying a GPS vehicle tracking system
Priyendran KP
Jul 14, 2014 | Vehicle tracking

1. Do you need Fleet automation or simply GPS tracking?
GPS tracking alone can be an extremely valuable tool, but it generally doesn’t provide many benefits by itself. So if you want to see the real results that convinced you to make the investment in GPS tracking to begin with, then you may need to upgrade to a Fleet Automation System.

2. Is the software delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service)?
Nearly all GPS tracking software available in the market are either web based or locally installed ones that have neither the ability to adapt to corporate uniqueness nor be scaled up on demand. AVLView on cloud, built around the concept of SaaS, can be customised to suit individual uniqueness (logo, theme design), integrate individual feature requests, helps on-demand scale up of resources, and branding.
3. Does the software support encryption?
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the standard way to secure transactions by encrypting data and providing authentication over the web. SSL prevents hackers from accessing personal information, prevents eavesdropping and tampering of information. AVLView gives you peace of mind with SSL Certified domain with 256 bit encryption by encrypting names, addresses, passwords, vehicle data and more, so hackers/online criminals can’t read them.
4. Is the software easy and simple to use?
Using typical Fleet Management software is a herculean task unless one learns to federate and configure services which can kick off/complete tasks. AVLView has an excellent user interface, is a very simple, easy to use and powerful tool developed with painstaking effort & research. It helps Vehicle owners get things done FAST.
5. Does the software use Google Maps licensed for commercial use?
With AVLView gps vehicle tracking system, you can rest easy, as we use licensed Google Maps Premier API. Beware; the use of free edition might result in potential lawsuits by Google against end users along with vendors.
6. Does the software seamlessly integrate with other applications and provide you with one interface?
AVLView provide API/Web service, which can be integrated into ERP and CRM tools, for example, we have successfully integrated emergency/ hospital alert systems with emergency response vehicles of SRCA (Red Crescent Authority, KSA).
7. Do the vendors insist on selling you their own GPS device?
Most GPS solution providers insist on buying their own devices, hence vehicle owners get vendor locked and are forced into long term commitment while AVLView allows the vehicle owners to choose their own devices depending on their budget and taste. AVLView platform supports a number of low cost Chinese devices to high quality European devices.
8. The number of vehicles GPS tracking software can handle?
Most fleet management software begin to crawl once you add more vehicles, resulting in poor user experiences. can handle large fleet sizes even at 10 seconds vehicle position update interval, this is near real-time positional update.
9. Does the vendor extend good software support/maintenance?
Many vendors distance themselves from the client as soon as the sale is closed, with AVLView you can reach dedicated support team at any time through or with a quick mail to


Priyendran KP